February 13, 2012

Lollipop Valentine's Day Cards

I've been seeing these adorable lollipop cards all over lately and I'm proud to say that I actually got around to making some of my own this year (with a whole day to spare, woo hoo!)

So, here we are, wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day from Come Together Kids.  

And, if by chance, you haven't seen these cards before, they were really quite easy to make.  I just took a picture of each child with their arm outstretched and then added the words and a frame on Picnik.  Using an exacto knife, I made two small cuts on the top and bottom of each fist and inserted the lollipop stick.

That's it!  Simple, but really cute!

Oh, and if you still need a couple more last-minute Valentine's ideas, you can print out and frame these "You made my heart happy" messages or make your own DIY Scratch offs


  1. wow, those turned out so wicked cute - what cooperative little Valentines you have to pose so well!! We, too, did lollipop Valentines which I'll post today!

  2. These are so cute! What wonderful pictures!

  3. Adorable! I make mine every year using the Walmart cut apart designs. It's very frugal at three valentines per 4x8 photo! This year I made a tutorial at: http://youtu.be/MfAH76bYjj4


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