Here are some of the yummy recipes 
we've tried here at 
Come Together Kids.

(Note: Because I'm not much of a baker and our meals are pretty simple, I use the term "recipe" loosely.  Basically, this page will be showing anything we've done that's food-related!) 

Just click on the photos or the links for the full post and recipe!

 Walking Tacos (tacos in a bag)


Hidden Heart Cake

 Snowman Sundae

Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels (with printable)




 Snickers Caramel Apple Salad


Sweet Corn and Black Bean Salsa


 Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

Jello Watermelon

Nutter Butter Flip Flops 

 Banana Ice Cream

Campfire Cone

Grilled Cheese Crescent Bites

Basketball Rice Krispie Treats

 Rainbow Trifles

 Pepperoni Pizza Roll Ups

 Ice Cream Jello

No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

Raspberry-Covered Chocolates

Apple Puzzle

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Homemade Applesauce

The Monster Cafe ~ Halloween Dinner Menu

Cinnamon Tortilla Jack-o-Lanterns

Crockpot Pumpkin Pie

Jello Aquarium

(3 Ingredient) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candy Corn Cupcakes
Donut Hole Acorns

Easy Peach Cobbler

Watermelon Shark

Cake Mix Cookies

Lemon Buddies

Cinnamon Dessert Bowls

Fun Taco Bowls

S'mores on the Go


  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I'm a college student and I'm always looking for fun new recipes to try! :-)

  2. Some of these ideas are really cute! :D

  3. I love your site, thank you so much. Sharing with EVERYONE!

  4. I just discovered your site via Pinterist and I love it!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Oh my gosh. I can't wait until my grandchildren visit again. Fun ideas. Thank you. :)

  6. A lot of fun ideas. Thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing your receipes, I will try some of them, especially the choc waffles sandwiches, sounds yummy. My grandkids will love making them with me.


  8. Thanks so much for sharing! I made the hamburger cookies with my kids for a get together we were having, and they were a big hit with everyone! The kids enjoyed making them, and it was great quality time!

  9. The link for the homemade applesauce doesn't work.


  11. I'd like the recipe/directions to make the campfire cones. I think these will make a big hit with my grandsons.

  12. I'm going to try some of these! (: thanks!!

  13. Not a mom myself but I've got friends that are, great ideas! Of course, most of them I'm going to make for myself too =)

  14. These are adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. I tried to view the buffalo dip recipe and it would not let me... I'm very disappointed about it beacsue I love buffalo flavored foods! please let me know if there is another way to view it! thanks!

  16. Oops, sorry Anonymous, I fixed the link so now both the picture and the text below it go to the recipe. Definitely give the recipe a try, it's one of my favorites!

  17. These are fun and great recipes. I love cinnamon. I think it would be a good idea to try cinnamon snowflakes. Cinnamon sugar & cinnamon powder might perfectly work together.

  18. Thanks for so many fun and great ideas!

  19. I can't pull up the elf breakfast . Love the website

    1. Oops, here it is

      And I fixed the link above too (broken links are a hazard of late-night blogging!)

  20. I pinned a bunch of these. So many cute and easy ideas.

  21. awesome i am making a few of these

  22. Love all your recipes lined up with the photos!

  23. The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sound good (as I'm a fan of the chocolate cake made with only pure pumpkin) but I keep getting an error when trying to get to the recipe. Can you help get me to the pumpkiny-chocolate goodness?

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