August 28, 2012

Avery Products and Back To School

Just a quick post this morning to let you know about a great contest hosted by Avery products.  Your child's school can win $10,000 in donated Avery Denison school supplies.  Check out some of these great products...

I love the pattern on the binder.  Isn't it pretty?  And this is obviously just a tiny sampling of the products.  Imagine how much good $10,000 worth would do for your child's school.

To enter, just go HERE to the Avery Give Back to School's site.   You can enlist the voting help of friends and family and vote once a day.

Oh, and it's not just school supplies that your school could win.  The winning school will also get 25,000 Box Tops.  I'm the former Box Top coordinator for my kids' school, so I know how important all those Box Tops are.  There are now Box Tops on all those great Avery products, plus you could win the jackpot in the contest.

I used that cute Avery binder and dividers to organize the tons of school info that my kids brought home yesterday AND I clipped those Box Tops to send in. 

You can also win great products and prizes by playing the Avery Spin the Win game through The Organization of Moms on Facebook.

I hope your kids are having a great start to their school year and I hope you have great luck with these cool contests.

Disclosure:  Avery and their partner Red Sky PR sent me the  Avery products shown above in exchange for this review; however, all ideas and opinions are my own words and my honest opinion.  


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