October 18, 2012

Spin-A-Color (Fun Nail Painting Game)

Nail painting is such a big part of my girls' lives.  A few years ago, I made them these Spa Bags and they pull them out every few weeks to do their nails.  If I want to give them a special treat, I just let them buy a new bottle of polish.  It doesn't matter to them if it's the cheap stuff, but I do get bonus points if it's a fun, bright color or it has glitter and sparkles. 

For my oldest daughter's recent slumber party, I knew I wanted to include nail painting in the evening's activities.  I took the idea of the "Spin the Bottle" nail painting game (where you spin the actual bottle of polish and the girl it points to has to paint their nails that color), and put a little twist on it using actual spinners.

Check it out...

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I actually had some blank spinners left over from my teaching days (but you can find similar ones in the Math resources section of teacher supply stores or order some online).  I used two of the spinners to make the game.  On the first one, I gave the directions and on the second, I painted the actual nail polish on each section to show which color to use.  (I added silver polka dots to half of them for some extra fun).  

NOTE:  I did get the quick drying nail polishes so the girls didn't have to sit around forever while they waited for all their nails to dry!

At the party, I had some nail polish remover and cotton balls available for anyone who wanted to remove their old polish before the game started.  I also spread out a mat on the floor to catch any drips or spills.

As you can see, the girls had a lot of fun with it and the final manicures and pedicures were quite colorful!

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  1. That is a fabulous idea... I don't think any of my 5 sons will go for it, but I'll keep in in my mind for friends! Very clever! I bet they loved it!

  2. Sure this kind of work definitely helpful for children’s to develop their creativity knowledge.

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