February 21, 2013

Walking Tacos (aka Tacos in a Bag)

I first saw these "walking tacos" at an amusement park concession stand several years ago.  It's such a smart idea ~ putting the taco fixings in a snack size bag of chips.  However, I'd pretty much forgotten about them until my oldest went to a birthday party recently.  She came home telling me all about the "tacos in a bag" that she'd had and was begging me to make them for our family.  Well, her wish came true for dinner last night when I made them for me and the kids.  We ate ours sitting at the dinner table, but this would be the perfect food for a bbq, tailgate or any time you're on the go and don't want to have to sit down to eat.

Check it out...

So simple!  All you need are individual bags of chips, taco meat, and fixings.  (We liked Doritos for our chips, but Fritos, Sun Chips or other similar chips would also work.)  Crush the bag slightly to break the chips into smaller pieces, then add your fixings, grab a fork and enjoy!

While not the healthiest dinner, they were definitely yummy and a fun treat.  I'm sure we'll be making them again, especially in the summer when we have friends over and we're in and out of the pool.

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  1. Ahhhh!! I'm in LOVE with this idea and left wondering why I never thought of this! The hubby and I love Taco Bell's new Dorito Tacos and I'm always making tacos with the same ingredients/fixings. Such an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing! I found you at the I Heart Naptime Link Party! I'm a new follower of yours ;)

    <3 Laurie at LulubellElaine.com

  2. Love this! I'd like to invite you to link up to Saturday Spotlight @ Angels Homestead.


    Hope to see you there :)


  3. I love Walking Taco's!!! This is what we served at my graduation party and it was a hit.


  4. These are a great idea! My kids will love them:)

  5. Fun! Congratulations on being the most popular link on Sundae Scoop. :-)

  6. I think i would cut the bag on the side (like a frito pie). That way you'd have a bigger bowl. And add some chili con queso!!

  7. ok thankyou very much. :) and one more question. do you know is there any substitute for RIT dye? cause i want to dip dye my bag but there's no fabric dye in my country :(Leather messenger bag for men

  8. i´m from mexico, and the "dorilocos" selling in the country, yumiii

  9. Yea, nothing like a good dose of GMO's for the day.

  10. I've seen something similar to this done before. Great for kids parties, or any kid event where food is needed.
    Another option -- Use small bags of fritos, add chili, and cheese.

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  12. My family has made this for years under the name Taco Buildup with Fritos on a plate. I never thought of doing it in a snack bag of Fritos!

    The one idea I would add is that when we make it, we use my Dad's amazing mild chili recipe instead of taco meat, and the result is out-of-this-world good.

    Plus, things stick together more easily, since chili is soupier than taco meat. It kind of binds it together.


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