January 13, 2011

Fleece Boa Scarves

These scarves are super cute, plus they're inexpensive and pretty easy to make.  You can choose fleece colors and prints to match a winter coat or the colors of your favorite sports team.  Make a bunch and give them as gifts. They do require a sewing machine, but you only have to sew two straight lines.  If you have a sewing machine tucked away that you haven't used in awhile, now's the time to dust it off and pull it out. 

Modeling her cute fleece scarf

Here's what you'll need:

*  Fleece (we used three coordinating colors).  You only need pieces that are about 6 inches wide, so check out the remnant bins at the fabric store for some good bargains on colors you like.
*  Good pair of scissors (either regular ones or pinking sheers)
*  Rotary cutter (this is completely optional, but if you have one, it makes cutting the fleece strips really easy)
*  Sewing machine and thread

Here's what to do:

1.  Cut your fleece into long strips about 6" wide.  For adult-sized scarves, I used the full width of the fabric (about 60").  For the kids, you can cut them a little shorter.  I found it worked well to stack the three pieces of fleece, and cut all three strips at once.   Because you'll be cutting them into fringe, your cuts don't need to be exactly straight.  

The strips are all cut out.

2.  Once you have your three strips, lay them evenly on top of each other and sew a straight line down the center.  I found that I didn't even have to pin my strips and I just eye-balled the center as I was stitching.  

Sew the straight line down the middle.  I didn't even have to pin it.

Because the sewing doesn't have to be precise, my girls love helping me with this step by pressing on the pedal to run the sewing machine.  We zoom along, then I yell "stop" and they take their foot off the pedal.

3.  Next, sew another line right next to the first.  (I used the edge of the sewing machine foot as a guide).  This second line of stitching helps make sure you don't accidentally cut your scarf in half when you're making your fringe.   

Sewing the second row right next to the first.

Both stitched seams are complete.

4.  Now it's time to cut!  First, even up the ends with a straight cut all the way across (even if your fleeces pieces were all the same size when you started, sometimes they stretch a bit while sewing. ) 

Cut off the uneven ends.

Then, using either regular or pinking sheers, make approx. 1/2" cuts from the outside edge up to the stitched lines, taking care not to cut through the stitching.  Depending on the age of your child, they might be able to help with this step.  My 8 year old could handle cutting through the three layers of fleece fine, but 5 year old wasn't quite strong enough.

Cut approx. 1/2 " strips down both sides being careful not to cut through the seams.

5.  Keep cutting all along the edges on both sides and you're done!  Just give the scarf a little shake and a twist and you have a beautiful fleece boa.  They keep you nice and warm and look super cute. ( my girls actually eagerly wear scarves every day now! ) They'd also be a fun addition to your dress-up bin for year-round glamour.  

Fluff it up and you're ready to go!


  1. Laura, I really loved this idea! I just had to try it out and make one for Keira. I posted about this on my blog:


    Thanks again for sharing this easy tutorial!

    Kimberly @The Muddy Princess

  2. Keira's turned out awesome! Glad you liked it.

  3. I saw this on Pinterest, should have known it was yours! This is such a cute idea, I think I might make my nieces a scarf and a hat.... Did you make the cute hat? If so any tips on that?


  4. so cute and easy!!! thank you!

  5. How do you get it to "fluff up"?

    1. Usually, just giving it a good shake is all it needs. However, sometimes I'll pop it in the dryer for a few minutes ~ fluffs it up and gets rid of the extra fuzz too!

  6. About how many scarves should I be able to get out of 1 yd (in 3 diff. colors)?

    1. Hayley, I cut my pieces 6" wide and the full length of the piece of fleece (usually 60"). So, for each yard of fabric you'll be able to cut four long pieces. Therefore, if you get 1 yard of three different colors (ex, red, green, and white), you'll be able to make 4 red, green and white boa scarves. Does that make sense? The full 60" length is good for adults. For kids, just cut them down a bit.

    2. Ok thank you! I love these scarves!

    3. Laura, If you are cutting strips 6"x60" from a yard of fabric (36"x60"), won't you get SIX 6" strips from each color?

      With three colors, that would give you six scarves out of 3 total yards of fleece.

    4. Oh my goodness, duh! You are totally right. It wasn't even that late at night when I responded so there's no good excuse for my math error :)

  7. I love these!!! Such a cute and easy scarf. Clear instructions. Have already made several of these. Thank you so much for the post :)

  8. I plan on making two scarves today and I don't think I should have any problems as your instructions are very well written and explained. I would think if you did videos they should be great as most of the ones I view are not done well. Thank you! Linda

    1. Good luck on making them today. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion of the video, I'll think about it but I HATE the way I sound on tape. :)

  9. If you have a patterned fleece, does it matter where it is placed?

  10. No, it really doesn't matter. If you want to see a little more of the pattern, put the pattern piece on the outside. For ex, I just made a ton of these scarves for all my ravens fan friends for the Superbowl. I used a ravens patterned fleece, a solid black and a purple, in that order. That way the most noticeable colors were the pattern and the purple with the black as an accent.

  11. I love your scarf but do you have the directions on how to make the hat, I want to make a set for my niece.

    1. Hi Alana. The hat was actually store bought and came with my daughter's winter coat. I just lucked out and found fleece that matched it almost exactly when I went to make the scarf.


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