January 18, 2011

Kool Aid Playdoh

Playdoh is good.  Scented playdoh is even better.  Scented playdoh that you can come together to make yourselves is the best yet!

Koolaid playdoh!

This recipe for playdoh uses the little unsweetened KoolAid packets and is fun to make and fun to play with. There are actually two ways you and your kids can come together with this project.  In the first option, allow your children to be involved in the whole process ~ choosing their flavor, measuring the dry ingredients, adding the liquid ingredients and mixing everything together.  With the second option, you choose the flavor and mix the dry ingredients ahead of time.  When they add the liquid and mix it all together, the scent and color "magically" appear.  (Check it out here in our Magical Playdoh Mix)


* one packet unsweetened KoolAid mix
* 1 1/3 cups flour
* 1/4 cup salt
* 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar (in the spice section)
* 1 cup boiling water
* 1 1/2 tablespoons oil


1.  In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients (KoolAid, flour, salt and cream of tartar). 

2.  Bring one cup of water and 1 1/2  tbsp of oil to a boil and pour into the bowl of dry ingredients.  Adding the hot water really "activates" the scent and color of the KoolAid so this is a really fun step!   Some flavors are more colorful than others.  Our cherry had a nice bright color, but the lemonade and blue raspberry lemonades weren't as vibrant.  You could always add some food coloring to the water, before adding it to the dry ingredients if you want.

Mommy adds the boiling water and oil.

Oooh, it's like magic!

3.  Stir with a large spoon until cool enough to handle.  (Be careful, it is really hot at first, so test it before allowing your child to handle).

It'll be crumbly at first, but comes together when kneaded.

4.  When it's cool enough to touch, dump it out and knead it until it's mixed well.  You can add more flour a little at a time if the playdoh seems too sticky.

5. Have fun playing with your scented playdoh.  (*NOTE*  While this playdoh is not meant to be eaten, it would just taste kind of salty and gross, but not actually be harmful if your child tries to take a bite.)

Fun way to spend a snow day!

Look what I made!

A garlic press is a great way to make "noodles"!

6.  KoolAid playdoh has a really great consistency and the oil helps keeps it from drying out.  You can keep it in a sealed container when not in use and enjoy playing with it for a long time.


  1. We just made and posted this week. It really does smell good. I love the garlic press tip. Glad I found you today on the play date link.

  2. Ahhh! Scented playdoh & PAINT. Um, I am officially in love with your blog. Ha. I used to be obsessed with the scented markers. On the agenda for tomorrow: scented playdoh & paint! YAY. Thank you!


  3. Thanks so much for your blog!! You have so many great ideas here - just made the Koolaid playdough and it was so easy and turned out perfectly. Much easier than the cooked recipe I was using before! :)

  4. This looks like a great idea. I am wondering if the Kool Aid colours your hands at all?

  5. Allison, it really doesn't color your hands at all once it's mixed up. The only time you might get staining is if your hands are wet when you add the concentrated Kool Aid powder. Otherwise, once the powder is mixed it with the other ingredients and you use a spoon when you're first mixing it, you'll be fine. Hope this helps.

  6. If your play dough starts to dry out, just get your hands very wet and knead the water into the dough. Presto - perfectly soft play dough. You can do this as often as you need to!

  7. Just made this with my 3 year old this afternoon and it was a HIT! We used tropical punch and it made a really bright magenta color. He's still playing 45 mins later, thanks again! -Kelly @ Semi Homemade Mom

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Is this Kool Aid Playdoh recipe edible?

    1. Nope, sorry. While I don't think it would be toxic or anything if a little one takes a small nibble, the 1/4 cup of salt makes it way too salty to actually eat.


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