May 29, 2011

Five Fun Ideas for Backyard Fun

One of the best parts of Summer is getting the kids outside for some fresh air and fun!  
Check out these five awesome ideas for backyard play that were linked up to our Summer Fun party!

{Here Comes the Sun}

What a fun way to cool off! I bet if I set it up on the sidewalk, 
the kids would have a blast riding their bikes and scooters through the mist!

{Making Memories with Your Kids}

Another great way to keep cool! I love that it will be so much sturdier 
than the store bought ones that rip after a few uses!

{Mom's Crafty Space)

The backyard is the perfect place for a
marshmallow shooting showdown!


I know my kids would have a blast building 
their own tubes and tunnels with some PVC pipe.
(and if I give them a small corner of the backyard 
as a construction zone to dig in, they'd love me forever!!)

{Just Pleased as Punch}

Okay, so this is more of a front yard fun idea,
but how amazing is this lemonade stand from an old microwave cart?
(I'm going to be on the lookout at Goodwill and yard sales!)

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome Summer Fun ideas,
feel free to grab a Featured Button from my sidebar!

Don't forget to check out our Summer Fun party 
and link up your own great ideas.

Come Together Kids


  1. Love love LOVE these ideas!! The marshmallow shooter looks like it would be a tremendous hit in my household.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I highly recommend limiting marshmallow shooters to the great outdoors. We, um, didn't at first and years later, I'm still finding marshmallows, nicely petrified. :)

    This is a great list.

  3. What an excellent idea to use an old tarp for a slip and slide! I'm sure the kids will have a blast, despite the fact that they'll have no friends after that, and probably live an adulthood in therapy from being the dumb-ass kids who rolled around in their front yard on a damn tarp...

  4. Oh how precious ... I love love LOVE these ideas... here you go kids, go rip up the damn back yard and connect all these PVC pipes together. No more mowing the lawn for me! :) Oh the kids are going to just love me forever! As will my neighbors, when our yard becomes an eye sore. Thank you SO much for these fantastic ideas!! I'll be sure to post pictures of the previous home owner's dead cat as soon as little Jimmy digs it up...

  5. omg, Laura, you genius you! Here I have been telling my kids for years to not talk to strangers, and to never play in the street. When I should have been following after your parental lead, by sending my kids out directly IN the damn street, not only to talk to random strangers, but to make money off of random strangers, by selling lemonade and punch!! ... you know Laura, it may actually be in your children's best interest if you gave them over to an actual set of real parents, ones that know what they are doing, that will love them, give them real gifts, and not make them the laughing stock of the damn neighborhood ... you'll not only save money at Home Depot by not having to purchase so much PVC piping, but you'll be doing the absolute best thing ever for your kids... if this is not something you are willing to do, then I want you to go outside right now into your ripped up back yard and get your kids (provided they haven't been impaled by a pvc pipe, or dragged off on a tarp, or kidnapped from the sidewalk under their pvc pipe mister or used microwave cart), and head DIRECTLY to Toys'R'Us. I want you to give each kid their own cart, and let them fill it with whatever the hell they want, and you are going to pull out a credit card and buy anything and everything they can fit in their cart. Not only will you apologize to them for being a cheap piece of crap mom, but you will promise them that you will do better moving forward... and if you do this, you may actually be lucky enough if they let you see your grandkids when you get older...

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