October 13, 2011

Birthday Traditions

We just celebrated another birthday here ~ my oldest daughter turned 9 yesterday!  I can't believe only one more year until we're in the double digits!!

I really enjoy celebrating each of my kid's actual birthdays with a few simple, inexpensive, yet really fun little traditions.  It's easy to fit them into our regular day and the kids really look forward to their special treats.

 Starting her special day with Birthday Pancakes

(I made the plate a few years ago at a Paint-your-Own Pottery Place)

She was so excited to get home from school so she could do our newest tradition ~ the Birthday Balloon Pop!

Quick pose before the popping begins!

Let's get that money!

WooHoo!  Nine bucks!!

And finally, ending the day with a simple little Pepperidge Farms cake and candles!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Oh, and I didn't take new pictures, but she also had a Countdown Stand like her little sister!

NOTE:  I'm still working on some posts about the joint birthday party I threw for my girls this past weekend!  You can see the Cupcake Stand  and cute Autograph Pillowcases I made, but more details to come on the rest of the party.

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  1. very cute traditions! i love to see what everyone else does! after the 3rd post i clicked on of yours today i have signed up to follow your blog!

  2. love that you have traditions for them to look forward too! :) those are great ideas!

    thanks for sharing them on mom it monday!

  3. My favorite is baloon pop! Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday!

  4. I already said it, I am a big fan of your pancakes recipe for birthday. Best wishes to you, and thanks for sharing these birthday traditions.

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