October 4, 2011

Five Fun Ideas for Halloween Activities

Need some fun activities 
for this Halloween season?  
Check out these Five Fun Ideas 
that were linked up to our 
Halloween and Fall Fun link parties!

1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt
{ Blissful and Domestic }

My kids loved the Easter scavenger hunt we did in the Spring,
so I know they'd love one again for Halloween.
(and I love how the final clue led Danielle's kids 
to the supplies for other Halloween activities!)

2. Halloween Countdown
 { Blissful and Domestic }

Here's another fun idea from Danielle at Blissful and Domestic ~
a 31-day countdown of activities leading up to Halloween.
Even if you don't do the whole month's worth,
she has compiled a great collection of ideas.

3. Magic Pumpkin Seeds
 { Happy Home Fairy }

I think this idea is so adorable.
Plant "magic" pumpkin seeds (or candy corn),
and water them before bed.
The next morning, mini pumpkins have appeared in their place!

4. Interchangeable Pumpkin Faces
{ Preschool Alphabet }

Here's a cute idea that would be perfect for the little ones.
Have several blank pumpkin and a bunch of 
interchangeable eyes, noses and mouths.
Tons of possibilities!
(Oh, and did you know that if you wet the foam pieces 
with a bit of water, they'll stick to windows or the tub?  
That could be a cool option for this idea too!)

5. Q-tip Skeleton
{ Boredom Busting Mommy }

How cute is this little skeleton?
A handful of Q-tips, some glue and some black paper,
and you have yourself a spooky little art activity!

Thanks so much, ladies, for these awesome activities!
Feel free to grab a Featured button from my sidebar.

And, readers, don't forget to check out 
our Halloween and Fall Fun parties!
There are a ton of great ideas linked up already 
and new ones are being added every day!

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  1. Thanks for the feature. I love all these other ideas and will be trying them out this week!

  2. How exciting!!! Thanks for the feature! I'm on my way to look at all of the other features here, they're all such awesome ideas!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Happy Home Fairy! :-) Can't wait to break out the q-tips!

  4. Love the magic pumpkin seeds! Genius!

  5. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to try some of these with Audrey, especially magic pumpkin seeds!!!

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