July 24, 2012

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (Lancaster County, PA)

This is the second year the kids and I have gone to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It is AWESOME!  The kids love it and we stay from open to close (10 am - 5 pm!)  A farm has to be pretty amazing to keep us all happy for 7 hours, but this place is.  There are more than 50 fun activities and they are all really cool.  I literally took hundreds of pictures of my kids (and their cousins who met us there), but I'll try to narrow it down to a few collages so you can get an idea of all the place has to offer.  Without a doubt, I'd recommend it to anyone with kids who will be in the Lancaster area.  (Oh, and I'm not being paid to write this post and I didn't get anything for free ~ we just really like it!)

First, a few of the really fun activities...

 As you can see, the kids had a blast!  There are big slides down the hill and a giant slingshot (my son's favorite).  They jumped on a giant bouncy pillow, rode pedal carts around a track, climbed on a giant web, went through a Simon Says maze and more.  

Next, the farm experience area...

We went back to this area to hold the baby chicks at least three times!  The kids loved it.  And those baby goats?  They were only 2-3 weeks old and so unbelievably cute and fun to watch.  The kids liked feeding the animals by hand and also using a special pulley system to feed the goats who were up high on the bridge.

Finally, a truly amazing corn maze...

We had so much fun doing the maze.  It's a huge 5 acres and you can see from the aerial view that it's designed like a giant baseball player.   They have several options for going through it ~ you can follow the yellow ribbon for an easy walk through (good for really little ones who want the experience, but not a lot of walking), take a medium route and use special hint signs, or take the "extreme" version and tackle the whole maze.  We opted for the hardest version and made our way through the whole maze, looking for special numbered mailboxes.  Each mailbox has a sticker that you paste on your map to complete a picture of the maze.  Your group can carry a large flag as a marker and wave it if you need help or directions from the staff.  It's also fun because when you turn some corners in the maze, you'll find a little playset ~ a slide, zipline, rope climbing, etc.

If your kids are train enthusiasts, they'll love that Cherry Crest farm is a stop on the Strasburg Railroad.  They can watch the train come through the tracks on the farm, or even take a ride.  (Discounted tickets can be purchased at the farm)

We opted to bring our own lunches to eat in the covered picnic area, but there are several concession stands with a variety of foods at the farm.

One last thing that's really cool.  If you visit any time during the summer and have a special photo taken, you can come back as many times as you like for the rest of the summer for FREE!  (until Sept 21st)  Even though the farm is about 1 1/2 hours away from us here in Baltimore, we definitely plan on returning at least once more this summer ~ the kids really love it!


  1. We have been to the Lancaster area a few times and always miss the farm (because of all the train things to do!), you have given me more incentive to go next time we are through it does look like fun!

  2. We live close to DC but my family is in Delaware and my nephews go to the Strasburg railroad practically monthly. I can't wait to suggest this as our next family outing! Thanks for the suggestion.

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