July 10, 2012

Use Chalk to Color Salt for Sand Art

A friend of mine recently showed me this cool trick for coloring regular table salt using pieces of sidewalk chalk.  The resulting tinted salt is perfect to use for any kind of layered sand art activities and it's definitely way less expensive than buying several bags of colored sand. 

Here's what you need:

Freezer bags are thicker and hold up better to the rubbing salt

* container (or two) of table salt

* several pieces of sidewalk chalk

* quart size freezer bags 

Here's what to do:

1.  Pour some salt in the freezer bag and add a piece of sidewalk chalk.

2.  With the bag sealed, rub the chalk against the salt in the bag until the chalk color begins to rub off. 

3.  Use a funnel to pour the colored salt into your sand art container.  Repeat the process with more salt and different colors of chalk until you have all the colors and layers you want.

That's it!  Look at these fun finished projects! 

The kids loved this little project ~ not only layering the colors like they've done before with sand, but also the process of making each color of salt.  I liked how inexpensive it was!  (less than $5 total ~ $1 for each container, $1 for a package of sidewalk chalk, and 75 cents for two containers of salt!)


  1. We did this several months ago and it is fun. Love the containers the kids did. Looks like they had fun. (Momma's Fun World)

  2. The containers...where can I purchase ones like these? I have only seen the small plain bottles.

  3. I picked up the containers at ACMoore craft store, but most larger craft stores should have something similar.

  4. Thank You very much.

  5. What a CLEVER idea!! And your art looks beautiful =-)


  6. Boy oh boy, this is fantastic! We are gonna try this out!

  7. super cute ! can't wait to try it with the kids - that sand can be so spendy :P thanks for sharing ! Danielle - CraftPlayLove.com

  8. This worked great! I was skeptical because it seemed too good to be true, but it was a great frustration-free activity for my 5 year old :) we changed it a bit by using the sand to do glue art on paper. Thank you for the idea!

  9. That is awesome! We're going to have to try that today.

  10. We tried this today and found some sand art kits at Dollar Tree! My 6 year old loved making the sand! It was a cheap and easy way to waste an hour :)

  11. Oh that's so pretty. I love this activity, it would be great for making pictures too!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

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