November 20, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It's that time of year ~  The Elf on the Shelf returns!!

For those of you who may be new to this whole phenomenon, the Elf is small figure who comes with a book explaining his story.  You can find it at Target, on Amazon, you can even use any elf figure.  The "magic" happens once the elf is claimed by your family.  Once he or she is adopted, the Elf watches over your house during the day and flies back to the North Pole each evening to report the day's activities to Santa.  The kids are delighted to find that he often finds a new resting spot each morning and sometimes even plays little tricks or leaves little treats.

Now, if your Elf is really creative, he or she will have no problem coming up with new ideas each morning.  However, if your Elf needs a little inspiration (or even little reminders to actually move each night), the following ideas may help!  Some of the ideas are from our Elf here at Come Together Kids and other awesome ideas have been shared in our ongoing Elf link party.

elf on the shelf ideas

Look at some of the things that our Elf did last year...

Day 1, he served a special Elf on the Shelf Breakfast
Day 2,  he made a cute snowflake out of q-tips
Day 3,  he was found on the shelf in my son's bedroom
Day 4,  he was snacking on chocolate chips in the pantry
Day 5,  he did a bit of graffiti on our calendar
Day 6,  he switched the shower curtain to our winter one and took a shower
Day 7,  he gave himself an elf mani/pedi in the girls' room
Day 8,  he left us a candycane garden kit  (more details here)
Day 9,  unfortunately, he only left a note to improve their behavior
Day 10,  the candycane seeds grew into a special treat
Day 11,  we found him on our front door
Day 12,  he left some yummy cookies for the kids
Day 13,  he went for a ride in Barbie's car in the playroom
Day 14,  he was hiding out in the fridge next to Mommy's peppermint coffee cream
Day 15,  he left the ingredients and directions to make some yummy Christmas trees (details here)
Day 16,  he played dress up in the doll house

Want tons more inspiration?  Check out these great ideas linked up to our Elf on the Shelf link party.  Lots of the links have multiple ideas, so make sure to click through and for tons of suggestions.  It's ongoing, so please add the antics of your Elf.  (We busy parents can use all the inspiration we can get!!)

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