December 1, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

Our Elf on the Shelf made his first appearance 
this morning with a special breakfast for the kids.  
It's the first time "Haddihat Foofer" 
did something special instead of just moving 
to a different spot and boy was it a hit!! 

Apparently, our elf picked up some special paper plates and napkins and some fancy candy cane cups perhaps from the Dollar Store ;)   and had it all set up on the table with a menu this morning.  The menu was easy enough that I could make it from ingredients I had on hand while the kids waited patiently (out of all mornings, they happened to choose this one to wake up way earlier than normal!)  Of course, the elf couldn't do the cooking himself, since he's "frozen" until tonight when he goes back to the North Pole after the kids go to sleep.

Here's the menu...

This picture isn't the best, 
but I must say, they were delicious!!

Granted they had finger marks from 
when I dipped them, but they were still a hit!

Because a fancy cup with a twisty straw
can turn regular fruit punch into North Pole Punch!
(and yes, they did brush their hair later before they left for school!)

This whole breakfast was just a little bit of extra work for me, but the kids really loved it.

Here's my original post about our elf 
(with links to great sites for Elf Inspiration). 

And check out our new Elf on the Shelf Idea Party!

NOTE: If you don't have your own Elf yet, I've seen them at Target this year and of course on Amazon.  When we first got our elf and book set a few years ago, I grumbled a bit about the $30 price tag.  However, it's totally been worth it for the "magic" it's been bringing for the past three years now.


  1. So cute! Great job, Mom! Our elf is making his return today, too. We missed the special breakfast - perhaps dinner...? I think I'll hit the dollar store today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Our elf arrived today with a special breakfast too. We're going to do a candy cane day soon and I love some of your ideas!

  3. those strawberries are making me hungry - yummy!!!

  4. We are doing our elf breakfast on Sunday. I can't wait!

  5. I want to come over for breakfast!! Yummy!

  6. That's adorable! I may have to steal your idea. lol We just got ours this year and we are having so much fun with it. Our elf, Shelvin, seems to get into mischief each night and my girls more enjoyment out of that it seems. We love it - totally worth the $30. :)

  7. The pancakes look really yummy and the whole thing looks magical! You did a great job and I loved seeing your ideas.

  8. We just bought and introduced our elf to our girls today!!! We LOVE ir so much already. Sweet idea for breakfast :) Not sure how we will choose what to do every day :)

  9. Love this! Can we trade elves? Our elf just sits there ;) Hopefully he'll get some inspiration from this post :) :)

  10. Ok, seriously I have the same cups and plates for a donut surprise on Sunday!!! :) That is just hilarious - great minds!!!

  11. I may still cheap out and use the Little Elf...$30 is a lot for a doll and a book...

    Such cute ideas, Laura!

  12. Strawberry santa hats? I love it!!!! Please link up! :) The strawberries are so simple but would be great for a Christmas Potluck!

  13. I love, love, love it! Great job!

  14. We have a new elf in our house {my daughter is only 16 months} but I'm excited for this new family tradition of ours. I love the idea of an elf cute!

  15. Love this! I ordered the book on Amazon, got it for $8.00 with shipping, it is used but in good condition and found an elf at Hobby Lobby for $2.00. Can't wait to do this!


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