May 25, 2011

Girly Spa Kits

My girls often like to play "spa".  They'll get out their little nail polishes and chapsticks, hairbrushes and hairbows, lotions and even cucumbers ("to help your eyes relax").  For Christmas, I made them each their own "spa" bag, with all the essentials they'd need for some girly fun.  Nearly 6 months later, they still play with their bags quite often.  I don't have a whole tutorial, but I'll explain what I put into each bag and how I made them.

1.  The first thing I made for the bag was a nail painting mat.  Even though our house has its share of clutter and spills, I really don't want hot pink nail polish all over my floors and carpets.  I found some vinyl material at Jo Ann's that has worked out great.  Its a bit heavier than a vinyl tablecloth, but had a plastic coating on one side and flannel on the other.  I simply cut a square (approx 22") of the vinyl, then cut another square of girly fabric approx 23".  I put the wrong sides together, folded the girly fabric over the edges, pinned then sewed it in place.  Now the girls simply lay out their mat and they can paint their fingers and toes without worrying about the carpets.

2.  Next using the same fabric, I made four simple drawstring bags for each girl.   I made a label with the contents using a fine tipped Sharpie, and used iron-on adhesive to secure it in place.  Then, I gathered up some "spa supplies" for each of the bags.

A bag for Hair supplies, Nails, Lotion and Makeup.

3.  For optimal relaxation at their spa, I made a couple "spa masks".  I used more of the fabric and some matching  fleece.  All I had to do was cut out a rectangle out of each fabric then cut out a semi circle to fit around the nose.  With the wrong sides together, I sewed around the edges, leaving a small opening to flip.  I turned it right side out, filled it with rice, then stitched the opening closed.

They often use these masks at bedtime as well.

4.  Once all the parts were finished, I ironed on more labels with their names to some plain canvas tote bags and their spa kits were complete.

Everything's ready to go.


  1. Ooh, those are super cute! I bet my girls would love these. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Love the idea of a spa bag!! This is definitely something on my to-do list for my Princess!!

  3. What a fun idea! My oldest has been big on the spa thing lately. This would be great for her :) Hmmm... perhaps for the upcoming slumber party birthday we'll be planning soon.

  4. Cute bags Laura! Thanks for stopping by squeezing it all in...good to have you there!

  5. That red cherry fabric is SOOO cute!!! Love the bags...the nail painting mat is GENIUS! :)

  6. Hi!

    I follow your blog! I really like your posts! Good job!

    Could you please stop by my blog too?


  7. what a super cute idea! following you from I heart nap time ;) i totally wish i had a girl!


  8. This is so cute!! :) I love this idea.

  9. Such a great idea! My daughter would love this except all her makeup is still pretend! Looks great!

  10. Super cute! I love this idea.

  11. Hi not sure if you can do anything but I pinned this ages ago and when I clicked on the pin it came up with a warning about content. As an avid reader of your blog I ignored it but thought I would let you know

  12. Aw amazing and cute stuff!

    This bag is one of the most adorable spa bags out there:)

  13. Good idea and cute bags Laura!


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