July 13, 2011

Five Fun Ideas for Cool Summer Treats

One of our favorite things about Summer 
is beating the heat with yummy frozen treats.
Check out these awesome treats 
that were linked up to 

{ My World Made by Hand }

Don't these look great? 
(and so easy too!)

{ Sleepytime Productions }

Ooh, a yummy cold treat that's healthy too?
Can't beat that.
( I've tried this before with just bananas and it was awesome,
I bet the addition of chocolate takes it up even another notch!)

{ This Chick Cooks }

Bite-sized treats are the perfect way to get a sweet bite,
without ruining your kids' appetite (or your girlish figure)

{ Bugaboo, Mini Mr and Me }

What a cool idea!
I love the drip catcher.

{ Greene Acres Hobby Farm }

Doesn't this look so fun?
What a fantastic way 
to add a little something extra to fresh fruit.

And, as a bonus, check out this great  idea 
to make holding a freezer pop a little more comfortable.

Freeze Pop Holder
{ Here Comes the Sun } 


  1. Thanks for the feature sweetie :)

  2. Thanks Laura for including us :) Can't wait to try the rest of the list!!

  3. Thanks for the feature, Laura!

  4. These all look so tasty! I really want to try the chocolate and bananas! Yum!

  5. Everything looks so delicious! I'm honored to be included. Thanks :)

  6. Oooo those slurpees look fantastic!!

  7. What great ideas. I'd like a big bowl of the ice cream bites right now! =o)

  8. These are great! I recently tried the kool-aid slushies from another recipe site and they were great! A keeper for sure!!! TYFS!

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