January 23, 2012

Five Fun Ideas with a Snowman Theme

Any kid will tell you, one of the best things 
about winter is building a snowman.
However, if Mother Nature is not cooperating 
and real snowman-making isn't possible,
these Five Fun Ideas shared at our Winter Fun Party would be a cool way (pun intended),
to help your kids get their snowman fix!

Snowman Fridge
 { hands on: as we grow }

What a fun way to "winterize" your kitchen!
Not only does it look cute,
but all the pieces are magnetic so the kids
can have fun "building" the snowman while mom or dad cooks.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman
{ East Coast Mommy }

Boy are those cardboard toilet paper rolls versatile.
Look how cute this little guy is!
I love his hat made from an old baby sock.

Water Bottle Snowmen
 { Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas }

These water bottle snowman are adorable
(and a great way to repurpose your recyclables
while practicing hand/eye coordination 
and your snowman decorating skills) 

Footprint Snowman
{ Handprint and Footprint Art }

I love footprint crafts,
especially when those little toes 
can turn into this cute snowman.

Snowman Pops

{Phaedra's Adventures}

Chocolate dipped oreo snowmen?
Yes, please!
What a cute little treat for a winter party
or "just because".

Thanks, ladies, for linking up these adorable projects and recipes to our Winter Fun Party.
Feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar.

And, readers, these are just a few of the many great ideas
that are being shared.  Check out the rest of them HERE!


  1. wow, thanks for sharing our water bottle snowmen! Great ideas here - that footprint snowman looks adorable

  2. Thanks for the feature Laura! I love snowman- they are so cute :)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me, Laura! All the snowmen are adorable! :-)

  4. Cool! (haha) - Thanks so much for featuring our fridge! Great ideas you found!

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