January 2, 2012

Ten of my Favorite Posts of 2011

2011 was such an exciting year for Come Together Kids.  Even though I actually started the blog in August of 2010, I only posted a few times before stopping for several months.  It wasn't until January of 2011 that I really began posting regularly.  Since then, the blog has grown so much more than I ever thought possible.  

As we begin this new year, I decided to look back on 2011 and share some of my favorite blog posts.  
They aren't necessarily just my most popular posts (although there is some overlap).  

Instead, I chose the following projects and activities for one of two reasons.  

Either I'm pleased with the way I was able to adapt an idea I'd seen elsewhere to work for our family 
or I'm kind of proud of the fact that I was actually able to turn one of the many random ideas 
that float around my tired Mommy Brain 
into a real and tangible project.

Here they are, in somewhat chronological order, 
with my top favorite in a separate post ...

Artwork Candle
 I was so tickled that this idea that I had late one night 
for a candle actually turned out so well.
We've done several variations since then 
and we've liked them all.

Flower Petal Pillows

These pillows were my most popular post of 2011,
but they're one of my favorites as well.
I've always considered a glue gun 
to be the female equivalent of men's duct tape,
but I'm still thrilled with how a bit of hot glue 
could transform some fabric scraps into these cute pillows.

Candy in a Fruit Can

Cutting open the bottom of a can wasn't an original idea of mine,
but I still giggle every time I think of this April Fools' prank.
(now I just have to think of a way to top it for 2012!)

Handprint Trees
I'm a sucker for handprint or footprint crafts with my kids.
I love how this project captured their handprints,
but doesn't scream "kids' artwork" as it hangs on my wall.

Pretty Pink Purse

Here's another example of what you can do 
with some fabric scraps, a little sewing and some hot glue.

Guestbook Table Runner

This wasn't a really popular post,
but I really like how this special keepsake 
will help my daughter remember an important day.

Fun PVC Sprinkler

Again, not an original idea,
but I was so proud of myself for
getting all the supplies and "building"
something fun that my kids enjoyed all summer.

Seashell Collecting Bag
These bags were a big hit with my kids at the beach this summer,
and I was pretty tickled with myself for figuring out 
how to construct them.

Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks

I love when things are cheap and easy but still a ton of fun.
That's why these drinks are one of my favorite "discoveries" of 2011.
A couple cups and some glow sticks and you're the coolest mom ever!

Kindle Cover from a Hardcover Book

This isn't even a kids' post 
(although my kids are constantly borrowing my new Kindle),
but I'm just so thrilled that an idea I had kicking around in my head 
actually worked so well.

For my top favorite idea from this past year,
I've created a Best of 2011 Post that includes an awesome blog hop with TONS of great ideas.
Check it out HERE!

Curious as to what were 
my most popular posts from 2011?  
Here they are in order of popularity...

Sharing my best of 2011 at:
Somewhat Simple


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  2. Your bubble snake, marshmallow shooter, very awesome- hey great mom you are, inspiring to see how many ladies are having total fun with their kids- thanks for the ideas and inspiration!


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