January 2, 2012

Our Holidays

I knew I'd be taking a little blogging break for the holidays, but I wasn't really planning on not posting anything at all for almost two weeks.  I'd hoped to share some last minute ideas or at least check in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years, but a combination of last minute Christmas preparations, actual Christmas celebrations, traveling to two other states, a new kitten and a bit of a cold prevented me from actually sitting down to do any posting. 

I'll be sharing a few more detailed posts soon, but I hope you all had a wonderful time with your own families over the past couple weeks.  

Here's just a little glimpse into our holidays.

Christmas Eve tradition ~ new jammies!

Carrots and water outside for the reindeer!

Let the gift opening begin!

New books for everyone.

Our newest family member (and first pet ever) ~ PIXIE!

Our new kitten is just 7 weeks old and soooo tiny!

Our fun "Minute to Win It" Christmas party with the cousins!

Making Snowman donuts!
Just small powdered donuts, candy corns, and mini chocolate chips!

I hope your holidays were filled 
with just as many smiles and good times!


  1. Happy New Year! I'd love to hear more about the homemade minute to win it game. That sounds so fun!

  2. Wow! The kids are so cute,Pixie looks like she will be kept busy.
    My mom use to do the Christmas Eve pj's and I did it with mine.
    Happpy New Year.
    Love your blog:)

  3. Really cute kiddie holiday ideas and holiday sleep wear, Reminds me of my Sweet little Grandchildren over at Muddy Princess ;-)

  4. Loved the holiday pj's, I used to make them for my daughters and matching one's for their dolls, Ask my daughter Kim over at Muddy Princess I'm sure she remembers! ;-)

  5. We couldn't leave carrots for the reindeer, my Grandpuggy likes them way too much she would have eaten them...lol

  6. As a tradition in our family we also open pajama's Christmas eve. I wasn't sure if my soon to be 16 year old would want to, but she said she wanted some. It was neat that I found a pair to match my 4 year old on Christmas eve. I also gave my teen those two Shel Silverstein books, she had already read Runny Babbit and loved it, was natural to buy the new book to go with the rest of her collection. I like giving books for presents, especially ones written by Shel Silverstein.

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