April 9, 2012

Tulips at Sherwood Gardens 2012

Every year since the kids were babies, we've welcomed Spring with a visit to the beautiful Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, MD.  The gardens are nestled among the stately old mansions in the Guilford section of Baltimore City and it's free to the public.  Each year, nearly 80,000 tulip bulbs are in bloom as well as gorgeous azaleas and dogwood trees.  

This year the tulips bloomed a little earlier than usual (thanks to the unseasonably warm weather we had in March), but the timing was perfect for a visit during our Spring break last week.  Because of terrible seasonal allergies, my son opted to go visit his grandparents for the day instead of dealing with an afternoon amongst all the pollen.  However, the girls and I packed a picnic lunch and had a really nice day admiring the many varieties of tulips and even climbing a few trees (the girls, of course, not me!)

If you're ever in the Baltimore area this time of year, definitely go check it out.  There are many different varieties of tulips that are planted, so the blooms last for several weeks.  Directions and more details can be found HERE.

Here's just a few of the many, many pictures I took during the couple hours we were there.

Hope you have the chance to welcome Spring in your area as well.


  1. How gorgeous. I think we may begin a tradition of traveling to Biltmore in Asheville, NC to view the spring and fall gorgeousness! You have so inspired me!

  2. Those tulips are beautiful. One of our neighbors spends a great of time gardening and every year her tulips are the talk of the town. They are amazing. And she even plans them out so their growth is scattered. Therefore we can enjoy them longer. One day I want to be her. I want to plant a garden so beautiful that everyone admires its beauty. :) I'm with your son - this spring has been rough for me with the high pollen count! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. (maybe next time you can join the girls and climb a tree? ;))

  3. Oh! I love tulips its simple and elegant. My husband gave me three tulips every time we celebrate our anniversary.Very sweet, we been here to this garden with my family.

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