April 20, 2012

5 Creative Gifts Kids can make for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up in just a few weeks and a homemade gift will always make a mom feel extra special.  Here are five cute & creative gifts kids can help make for their moms or grandmothers. 

1.  Fingerprint Candles

We made these cute candles for the grandmothers last year.   They can be made with painted fingerprints or just regular drawings of any kind done on tissue paper.  They're inexpensive and surprisingly easy to make (but they look super cute!)

2.  Handprint Trees or Footprint Butterflies

Going along with the Fingerprint Candles are these two cute Springtime projects using handprints and footprints.  We made ours for our own home using fabric on canvases, but they can easily be adapted and created using pretty paper or even paint.  

3.  Photo Bookmarks

If you know a mom who likes to read, these photo bookmarks would make a great gift.  Let the kids have fun posing and then make up a few bookmarks to tuck in the pages of a new book or to go along with a gift card.  

4.  Glue Batik Artwork

Last year the kids and I had making several projects using glue batik.  (see the projects HERE and HERE).  One of my readers was inspired by our projects and made her own glue batik pictures, put them in frames and gave them as gifts.

5.  Year of Dates - (Make-your-own Scratch offs)

This Valentine's Day gift was a huge hit with my kids and we're having lots of fun doing something special each month.  I'm sure any mom or grandmom would love knowing they can scratch off a new activity to do each month. 

I hope you found some creative inspiration with these 5 cute gift ideas.  I also hope if you choose to make any of them you have as much fun as we did.  I'm sure any mom who receives one of these homemade gifts will be thrilled to get something specially made by the kids in her life.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Those are all great ideas! I love the bookmarks!

  2. I know a Dad around here who loves to read. We'll be making those bookmarks for Father's Day. thanks so much! love it!

  3. These are some wonderful homemade gifts to make I really like the fingerprint candles and hand trees. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We might have to try out the bookmark idea - so cool - I bet Audrey would have fun helping :)

  5. These are great ideas. I'll have to remember this for next year :)


  6. Thanks for featuring our bookmarks again. I'm absolutely loving those fingerprint candles. On my to-do list!

  7. Great ideas. Love the bookmarks. Pinned it.

  8. so cute! sharing this in a roundup tomorrow. if that's not ok, let me know :)

    andiejaye from crayonfreckles & the KBN

  9. Fun! I might have to make one of these with my daughter for her grandmas! I featured this post on Show Off Saturday

  10. I babysit for two kids in first and third grade and the handprint trees and footprint butterflies will surely be a hit!

  11. I babysit for two kids in first and third grade and the handprint trees and footprint butterflies will surely be a hit!

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