April 2, 2012

6 Fun Ideas for Easter

My kids are off on Spring Break right now and we'll be doing several Easter-themed projects and activities this week.  However, since there's often a lag between us doing the projects and me having time to post about the projects, I thought I'd first share these fun activities that we did last year. 

1.  What's better than marshmallow peeps and chocolate?  Only marshmallow peeps DIPPED in chocolate!  They're really yummy and the kids loved adding spring-colored sprinkles.  Here's how we made them ~ Chocolate Covered Peeps.

2.  Have you ever tried glue batik?  It's a really neat art technique that's perfect for kids and it's a fun way to make some Easter fabrics.  Check it out ~ Glue Batik Easter Fabric

3.  Once you make some fun Easter fabrics, add them to a ready-made table runner to personalize your Easter dinner or buffet.  Look how we did ours ~ Easy Easter Table Runner

4.  Instead of plastic easter eggs, whip up some of these cute felt bunny bags.  They require only a little bit of sewing, and they look adorable.  Here are the directions ~ Felt Bunny Treat Bags

5.  Once you've made your felt bunny bags, how about using them for a scavenger hunt?  We did it on Easter morning last year and the kids LOVED it!  Here's how we did ours ~  Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt

6.  For a fun twist on egg decorating, color on warm eggs with crayon.  The wax melts onto the egg to make the colors even more vibrant.  Check it out ~ Melted Crayon Easter Eggs.

I hope you found some fun ideas that you might want to try with your kids this year.  Look forward to some more Easter related posts coming soon as we do them!


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