May 9, 2012

Activities & Projects with Children's Books

Welcome to our latest Themed Collection!

Spending time reading books with your kids
is one of the best ways to 
promote a lifelong love of reading
as well as future success in the classroom. 

There are so many amazing kids' books out there
and so many amazing parents and teachers 
who have created some fantastic activities, 
crafts, and projects
to go along with those books.

Let's use this link party to share 
and be inspired by those ideas.
Link up any children's book-related posts 
you might have.
It can be a craft, an activity, a game, etc.
as long as it ties in with children's books.

A few guidelines:

1.  You can link up as many ideas as you want, as long as they relate 
     to the theme of children's books.

2. Please don't link up your business, shop or unrelated posts.
   (To keep this collection a relevant & helpful resource, I'll delete any unrelated links)

3.  As with all my link parties, this one will be on-going, 
     so you can link up your new ideas at any time 
     and stop back often for fresh inspiration.

4.  By linking up, you're allowing me permission to feature your photo 
     and a description of your project in a "5 Fun Ideas" Featured Post. 
      (With a link back to your full post, of course)

5.  Finally, the more people who know about this collection, 
      the better it will be.  Help spread the word by including 
      a text link back to Come Together Kids.

      Spread the word even further by sharing 
      this post on Facebook or Pinterest!


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  2. Love this! You always have the greatest ideas for collections. I just shared this on my facebook page. :-)

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