May 31, 2012

Really Cool Roadtrip-a-Matic on

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PA Tourism for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids and I love getting in the car and discovering new places together.  Whether it's a kid-friendly museum or an outdoor adventure, it's fun to explore new places and see new things.  Many times we just head out for an afternoon or day trip and we're back home by dinnertime.  Other times, it's nice to plan a little mini-vacation and spend a few days seeing new places.  We almost never take a one or two-week vacation as a family, but rather several two or three-day road trips spread out throughout the year.

Whenever I set out to plan one of these road trips, I often sit down with a map and draw a circle that goes 3-4 hours out from our home here in Maryland.  Then I'll look to find interesting places to visit within that radius, knowing that we'll see some fun sites but we won't be spending forever driving in the car to get there.

The problem with planning these trips is finding a good variety of sites to see within a certain area.  I might find a cool park that would be fun to see, but then I have to spend hours online to find something else nearby to see the next day.  Or I'd end up worrying about finding a decent hotel or restaurant.



Imagine then, how excited I was to find out the great resources for  roadtrips  at   You see, Pennsylvania falls right in my ideal 3-4 hour radius for trips.    We have family near Philadelphia and also in Western PA so we frequently travel in the state and we're always looking for new places to visit.

I tell you, the folks who designed this Roadtrip-a-Matic for pa-roadtrips were some smart people who really wanted to help make travel in their state easy.  There are a ton of ready-made road trips all planned out for you.  There are some trips that focus on outdoor activities and others that focus on food or shopping.   They have planned out activities for history buffs or art lovers.  Seriously, it's really cool!  Most trips are designed to be accomplished in two or three nights and each one has a variety of interesting sites included.  They even suggest restaurants where you can stop for dinner and hotels that are close by.  

I played around with the Roadtrip-a-Matic and I'm really excited for summer vacation so we can go on a few trips together.  I love the Kidslvania Trip to Philadelphia that they suggested.   I've been wanting to take them to see some of the historical sites in Philly and the guide gave me suggestions for those and other fun places nearby.  I also loved the Trails Trip in the Laurel Highlands.  We drive right through that area to visit our family near Pittsburgh, next time we'll be stopping on the way out to see some of the gorgeous hikes and trails they suggested.  It's great that all the planning has been done for me ~ all I have to do is pack our bags!

How about you?  Are any of you planning a trip in Pennsylvania soon?  If so, check out their cool trip planning tool.  Which road trips would you and your family like?






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  1. I grew up in Eastern PA (the Reading area) and whenever we go back, my DS8 asks his pop pop about taking a trip to Centralia. He is fascinated with this once-thriving town that is all but abandoned because of a mine fire that burns beneath (they just passed the 50 year anniversary of the fire's inception). It's a bit off the beaten path, being far up in the coal regions, and it's certainly no tourist trap, but the history just captivates him (and me, too). And while you're up there, Knoebel's is one of the best amusement parks we've ever been to. Very family friendly!

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  2. I've heard of Centralia, Emmy, but we've never been. I bet my kids would be captivated by its history as well.

    We did go to Knoebels a few years ago and loved it! Such a great park for families. I really liked how we could either buy the wristband or just pay per ride ~ it made it much more affordable for our family.

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