May 23, 2012

Kid-Friendly Outings, Trips and Vacations across the U.S.

Welcome to our latest Themed Collection!

Some of the best times I've had with my kids
have been on our many outings and trips.
Whether it's discovering new places together
or sharing with them a place I've been to before
and seeing it through their eyes,
getting in the car for a new adventure is always fun!

Let's use this link party to share
all of our kid-friendly road trip adventures!
Think of it as our very own travel guide.
 Share your posts about the places 
you've gone with kids.

Include zoos, museums, parks,
historical places, amusement parks,
local attractions, etc.
If you've gone there, your kids liked it,
and you wrote a post about it, 
share it here!

A few guidelines:
1.  You can link up as many outings and trips as you want, as long as they are kid-friendly.  To help keep this collection easy to navigate, please keep your title brief with the name of the place, the city and the state. 

For example, 
Herr's Snack Food Factory
(Nottingham, PA)
2. Please don't link up your business, shop or unrelated posts.
   (To keep this collection a relevant & helpful resource, I'll delete any unrelated links)
3.  As with all my link parties, this one will be on-going, 
     so you can link up your new ideas at any time 
     and stop back often for fresh inspiration.
4.  By linking up, you're allowing me permission to feature your photo 
     and a description of your project in a "5 Fun Ideas" Featured Post. 
      (With a link back to your full post, of course)
5.  Finally, the more people who know about this collection, 
      the better it will be.  Help spread the word by including 
      a text link back to Come Together Kids.
      Spread the word even further by sharing 
      this post on Facebook or Pinterest!



  1. Hi! Found your blog today. I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...

  2. Thanks for sharing our traveling posts. I've linked back to your button with a link to this post here: Thanks, Laura!

  3. What a GREAT linky!!! We LOVE road trip adventures around here! :)

  4. oh i just love this linky. i may have to write a post just to add my own since our town or even state isn't on here yet. this will be a great resource when we take trips.

  5. Just found this site on Pinterest...what a great concept! Look forard to seeing what posts are added!

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