April 25, 2011

Easter Morning Candy Hunt

These faces say it all ~ they LOVED this Candy Hunt!!!

This year was the first Easter that we did not travel to visit relatives and just stayed home instead.  While we definitely missed seeing our families, I really enjoyed starting a few new traditions just for us.  

One of the fun and sneaky things the Easter Bunny did was hide the kids' candy in the cute little Felt Bunny Treat Bags I'd made.  They came out to find that their baskets contained a few goodies (sidewalk chalk, a toothbrush, a bubble wand, etc.), but no candy.  Then they saw this note:

It read:

"Where's my candy? you might say,
Well, I hid it before I hopped away!
Follow each note and solve each clue,
To find the sweets I left for you!

The Easter Bunny

Each of the five clues led them around the house where they found their hidden bags.  I'm sure you have your own awesome hiding places at your houses, but here's the clues and hiding places I used.  (Plus, I can show off my mad rhyming skillz! :)  )

Go to where you brush your teeth,
Then look above and look beneath.

Hidden in the bathroom vanity.

Now go to where you play some Wii,
and you will find some treats from me!

Hidden next to the Wii.

Where do we put our dirty dishes after dinner?
Check out that spot, it might be a winner!

Hidden in the dishwasher ( full of clean dishes that I hadn't put away because I was writing poetry!)

Your shoes go here when you walk in the door,
Go look in that spot and you might find some more.

Next to the shoe baskets in our living room

This is the room where you go to play,
Will there be candy there?  "Perhaps," I say.

The final bags hidden in their playroom with a small chocolate bunny.

The kids really loved this little candy hunt and I truly loved seeing their faces and their excitement as they solved each clue and gathered more candy.  Plus, even though they still got a lot of sweets, I was actually able to give them a lot less than in previous years ~ the amount of candy wasn't noticed because they were so excited about finding it!


  1. You already know how I feel about your bags so let me comment on your kids... AWWW look at those smiles... SWEET!! Looks like the tooth fairy was as your home not long ago...


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  2. Sounds like lots of fun. Maybe this is an idea I could use for keeping my grand kids busy for a few minutes on Sundays when they are with us. It doesn't have to be only to find Easter goodies. Thanks for the idea. I know the Treasure Hunt game is not new, but I hadn't thought of it for years.Thanks, Laura!


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  4. my first Easter egg hunt for my little girl this year and i love your ideas as i needed a bit of help. Thank you so much !!!!


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