December 2, 2011

Awesome Amazon Deal ~ Scholastic DVD collection

I know I'm not a "deals" blog, and I don't plan on turning into one. (there are too many other good ones out there).  However, when I was just doing some Christmas shopping on Amazon I came across this awesome deal on this Scholastic DVD Collection.  I bought my kids an earlier version of this collection with many of the same stories a few years ago and they LOVED it.  I liked that so many of our favorite books and authors were now in video form ~ we could read the actual stories and then when they wanted to watch a DVD, they could watch an animated version too.  The "animation" varies from story to story ~ sometimes it was just panning across the printed page, sometimes the characters on the page moved a bit, sometimes it was fully animated ~ but they liked them all just the same.  Oh, and many of the stories had a "read-along" option too where the text was displayed along with the narration (great practice for beginning readers!)

Anyway, Amazon now has it on sale for 66% off, making the whole collection just $33.99!!  For 17 DVD's and 100 stories, that's a great bargain for your kids or classroom!!  I know Amazon prices will fluctuate a bit, but hopefully it'll stay this price for a while so others can grab the deal.

Okay, enough of my bargain tips I'll be back later on today with a cute Christmas shirt my kids made last year.


  1. I was just in a discussion with moms on my fb page about early reading (our daughter read her first word today- as in, really, truly READ it! So exciting!)....I recommended the Bob books series we've been using and they are giving way a library if people take a survey! I will be checking this deal out, too! Thanks!

  2. This is a great deal. We always get these from the library (of course most of them are scratched). I just bought them. Thanks for the tip!

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