December 3, 2011

Easy Christmas Tree Shirts

Last year, the kids and I made these 
cute Christmas Tree shirts.  
As with most of the stuff we do, 
they were easy and inexpensive.  
Plus, the kids had fun making them 
and they turned out pretty cute too!

Here's what you need:

  • plain red shirt ( I like using the inexpensive t-shirts from the craft stores for our seasonal shirts)
  • some green, brown and yellow cotton fabrics (scraps are fine, as long as the green piece at least 6-8" big)
  • iron on adhesive ( I usually use Heat n Bond Ultra Hold )
  • yellow and white fabric paint
  • q-tips

Here's what to do:  

1.  Iron your adhesive to the wrong side of your green fabric.

2.  Cut out a triangle shape for your tree.  The size will depend on the size of your shirt.  You'll want it a little bit smaller than you'll want your finished tree.  (I used pinking sheers to cut mine for the pine needle effect, but you can use regular scissors too!).  Next, draw a few diagonal lines on on the tree and number each smaller shape.

(Please ignore the nasty looking ironing board cover,
I really only use my iron for craft stuff!)

3.  Next cut apart the smaller triangles, reassemble your tree on your shirt leaving a small space (about 1/2") between each triangle piece.  Do NOT peel off the paper backing yet and use those numbers as a guide so you know which piece goes where.  (Don't ask me how I know that it's nearly impossible to try to reassemble a bunch of triangle pieces without any numbers to show which piece goes which way! ;)  )

4.  Once you have all the pieces arranged to form the tree, peel off the paper backing and iron in place.

5.  Using your scraps of brown and yellow fabrics and the iron on adhesive, cut a small brown tree trunk and yellow star and add them to your tree.  

(Oops, no picture of this part, but I know you can figure it out)

6.  Next, using your fabric paint and a q-tip, add a string of lights in the space you created when reassembling your triangles.  My kids chose to use a combination of yellow and white dots, but you can do any colors.


That's it!  Allow your painted lights to dry then wear your new Christmas Tree shirt with pride!

You can even wear them when you go visit Santa 
and impress him with your handiwork.

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  1. What a great idea! The Santa pic is adorable!

  2. This is great and easy, I just made one for my son. How did they look after washing? Avoid washing at all costs? Thanks!

    1. Because it's such a seasonal shirt, I only washed it a couple times but it held up fine. I'd say try not to wash it with every wear, but it'll stand up to washing it when it gets dirty. Hope this helps.

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