December 14, 2011

Unexpected Delay

I was all set to make some special gifts for my kids and just needed to print a few things that I needed.  Unfortunately, as soon as I went to print out the first sheet, I noticed that the printer was jammed and no paper would feed through.  After nearly an hour and a half of picking through the inner workings of my printer with a pair of tweezers, a long pin and a popsicle stick , this is what I uncovered stuck inside...

Yes, that's nearly 75 crumpled, printer ink-stained paper punched stars that somehow made their way into every nook and cranny of the inside of the printer.  While I certainly admire the creativity of my kids and love the projects they create with a variety of craft supplies, I was not pleased with where all these little paper stars had ended up!

Fortunately, it was not one of my own three kids, but the 4th child living in our house, "Not Me".

NOTE: When I just went searching for the "Not Me' character from the great Family Circus cartoons, I discovered that the creator Bil Keane just recently passed away in November.  :(


  1. OH no!!! LOL But I just have to laugh - that was my house when my kid was little!

  2. Oh goodness! Kids really do give us a run for our money, don't they? I recently had to bring my MacBook to the Apple store for some troubleshooting, only to discover my 2 yr old had shoved an SD memory card into the self-feeding CD drive. *sigh*

  3. Awesomeness. My three year old ripped all the decorations off of Santa's jacket the orthodontist. I was checking my email and looked up to see him with a handful of ornaments. I asked where he got them and the receptionist told me. Oh my word. I was soooo embarrassed. Sad about Bil Keane. I love reading family circus every Sunday.

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