January 23, 2012

Should I be Worried?

Earlier this afternoon,  when I was emptying pockets to put in a load of laundry, this is what I found in my son's jeans...

No joke, you're reading that right,  I found a whole handful of broken bone fragments in his pocket!!  Thankfully, he explained to me that he wasn't hacking up his opponents from his recess paper football tournaments.  Instead, he thought the bones that were left from the roasted chicken he bought for lunch that day were pretty cool and he wanted to save them. 

I'm going to trust him this time and not call in the CSI team, but I'm going to keep an eye on this guy and not let his cute looks fool me.

My bone collector and his sidekick!


  1. Aww, little boys are so neat. And your little boy and his sidekick are absolutely adorable!

  2. funny! My baby brother, who is now 21, use to put weird things in his pockets. Among the weirdest, snakes. Baby live snakes. Eww!!! A few months ago I found his old coat and went through the pockets so I could wash and donate it, the pockets were full of rocks, twigs, and leaves. That coat is from when he was FIVE!!! Fun stuff, little boys!

  3. my daughter saves rocks. LOL only the shiny quartz looking ones. and shells. i will clean her room and find her hoard. a little paper towel filled with stones and shells. :)


  4. Oh, we get the shiny quartz rocks too (because, "Mom, I think they might be diamonds!"). :) There's actually not too much that would surprise me anymore, but the pocketful of bones yesterday sure did!

  5. How funny! That is one I have never seen, we (I'm talking the machine and me) have found many interesting items in the boy pockets but never bones. What a great imagination and such a cutie!

  6. Lol too funny, thanks for the laugh!

  7. Oh how I laughed. That's just hilarious! In my house, I'm the crazy one saving chicken bones to make Halloween necklaces ; )

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