January 10, 2012

What I've Been Doing (instead of crafting)

Okay, after my little break over the Christmas holidays, I was totally planning on getting back to regular posting here on the blog.  However, looking around my house in the days after New Years, I decided I needed to do some sprucing up and organizing.

If you take a peek at what my daughters' room looked like this past Friday, you can see what I mean...

Yup, I'm keeping it real here.  Notice the curtains that are broken and hanging crooked, the overflowing bookshelves, and the little craft table they brought up from the playroom and plopped in the middle of the room.  (Not shown clearly in the photo is also a dingy, stained carpet and faded, dingy walls).  I last painted this room when my 9 year old was turning one, so it's been a long time.

I'm not quite ready for the big reveal yet (give me another week or so), but we are making good progress. 

I did have a little help with the painting, until the girls started arguing too much over who got which painting tools and who got more wall to paint.

My oldest looks a little grouchy because she got stuck with the paintbrush...

... while my youngest got a turn with the fun, little roller.

 Here's just a little peek at their new room...

Colors chosen entirely by them ~ (pink and green is a preteen's dream!)

Of course, my son was feeling a bit left out, but his room had just been painted a few years ago and still looked fine.  However, his room is really small and he had no room for a desk.  I spotted a good deal on a loft bed on Craigslist, so I surprised him today by picking it up and having it all ready for him when he got off the bus from school.  

Let me tell you, after spending all day moving out his old bed, driving cross town to pick up the new one, bringing it into the house in several pieces, then putting it all together by myself with no directions, I'm so glad my son was truly thrilled to walk into his bedroom after school.  (However, I don't want to see another allen wrench for at least a couple months!)

So, I apologize for not having any new crafty posts or activities, but I am really excited for the new updates I'm bringing to our home.  I'll be sharing my daughters' room reveal soon along with a few neat little things I'm doing in there.  

Right now, I'm enjoying a rare glass of wine and I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight.  (I'd give myself a pat on the back, but right now, I can't lift my arms above my shoulders!! ) 


  1. I GUESS you are forgiven for not crafting.... just kidding! Very impressive!

  2. I just love room redos! I'm planning on a redo (although not as extensive as we rent and cannot paint) of both my kids rooms (one for my son and one shared by my daughters) in the next few months, so it's fun to see someone else doing the same thing!

  3. looking good! loft beds are great until you have to change the sheets!! lol My son's is shorter but it is so great for a smaller room!

  4. Great room redoes! I need to do that too.

  5. I have 2 girls as well. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  6. I love the color of the girls room.

  7. Thanks everyone. They love it so far and I'm eager to finish it up.

  8. don't you just love the eager help? Check out my blog and see the book shelf I made for my 6 year old's room

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