January 2, 2012

The Very Best of 2011 (plus a blog hop!)

Earlier I posted about my Ten Favorite Posts of 2011. Well, since it was 2011, I thought there should really be eleven favorites, not just ten.  
So, here it is, my own favorite post from this past year...

Bubble Refill Station

It's so incredibly simple...
just fill a plastic container with a faucet with bubble solution.

When the individual containers of "bubble juice" run low,
the kids can just come and refill them on their own.

It's a win-win situation for everyone.

The kids get to play with bubbles to their hearts' content
and the parents get to enjoy watching their children play 
without constant interruptions to tend to empty containers and spills!

Want to see some more of the 
Best Ideas for Kids in 2011?

Make it your New Year's Resolution 
to check out some of these amazing blogs 
full of great ideas for you and your children.
You're sure to be inspired 
to come together with your kids 
in all sorts of fun ways in 2012!
AngeliqueFelix.comThe Golden Gleamhands on : as we grow,Toddler ApprovedRed Ted ArtThe Iowa Farmer’s WifeThe Outlaw Mom BlogLet Kids CreateCreative With Kids,  Science sparksMama Smiles,  Rainy Day Mumteach mamaKitchen Counter ChroniclesThe Imagination TreeJDaniel Fours MomTeach PreschoolDe tout et de rien: Activités pour le PréscolaireTinkerlabMama Pea PodCrayon FrecklesSun Hats & Wellie BootsFrom Tantrums To Treasure HuntsMy Creative FamilyClassified: MomPuddles and GumbootsArt For Little HandsCreative Connections for KidsAt home with AliNurturestore, The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Critters and CrayonsThe Mommies Made Me Do It

Each of the Kid-centered bloggers 
in the list above shared
their favorite post from 2011.
Be inspired by the creativity,
then feel free to add your own
ONE favorite idea from 2011.

(Please limit it to just one post please!
We want this blog hop to include only the best of the best!)

This blog hop will be open for two weeks and will be shared simultaneously on all the great blogs above!


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  2. I loved your bubble station post, and have since seen it ALL over pinterest. And I just pinned about 5 more of your posts (and still counting). Love your blog, Laura. Happy new year!!

  3. Definitely amazing collection of tips for kids and just to have fun!
    Bottom top stamps are my favorite, by the way, my nephews loved it a lot.


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