August 11, 2010

Baltimore Orioles' Junior Dugout Club

Living so close to Baltimore, we're lucky to be just a short drive to a great, Major League Baseball stadium. (We'd be even luckier if the Orioles would ever have a chance at the playoffs, but I digress!) Unfortunately, with three kids, a regular trip to the ballpark could easily break the bank. Once you add up the cost of parking, tickets, a few hot dogs and drinks, we'd be spending over $100 for a few hours of baseball ~ way too much for anything but a once-a-season special treat.

That's why I was really excited to learn about the Oriole's Junior Dugout Club a couple years ago. Now, each Spring, the Easter Bunny stops by Chick Fil-A to pick up a kit for each kid's Easter basket. For just $17 each, they get a Orioles cap, lunch box, lanyard, some coupons and 10 vouchers for Orioles games. Those vouchers allow the kids free admission to 10 pre-selected games throughout the season. Any adults or additional guests pay just $6 for their tickets. Seating is general admission in several sections in the upper deck, giving a good view of the field. There are hot dogs, popcorn and drinks on sale for just $1 in those areas, so you can get dinner on the cheap. (You can also bring in a small cooler with snacks.) They give out a free little something to the kids each game ~ foam fingers, temporary tattoos, etc. ~ and there's free face painting & hair styling. (Get in line early for those, though, the lines are usually long and they close after a few innings.)

Even if we aren't able to make it to every game, I've found that this deal is totally worth it. The kids always have a blast, especially Kevin, and it allows us to go to many more games than we'd be able to otherwise.


  1. last year we went to a ton of games this year maybe one. as you said, worth it even without the game attendance. lunchbox was very cute this year.

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