August 8, 2010

Fruit & Yogurt Cones

My kids always like when I give them these cones as a little snack or dessert. Presentation seems to be the key. If I just said that we're having fruit & yogurt for dessert after dinner, they'd whine that it wasn't "dessert-y enough". However, layer those same ingredients in a cone and put a little squirt of whipped cream on top, they're clamoring to get theirs first! As a bonus, they eat the whole thing so there's one less bowl for me to wash too!


ice cream cone (the flat-bottomed cones work best)
yogurt (or pudding)
sliced or diced fruit pieces (fresh or frozen)
squirt of whipped cream (optional, but makes it extra special)

These cones were made with lowfat vanilla yogurt
and frozen blueberries & mangoes.


Simply spoon a little bit of fruit in the bottom of the cone, add a spoonful of yogurt, another layer of fruit then another spoonful of yogurt until you get to the top. Add a small squirt of whipped cream as a special treat and you're done!

One satisfied customer!

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