September 23, 2011

Donut Hole Acorns

To celebrate the First Day of Fall today and inspired by this cute idea at Family Fun, the kids and I made some super cute acorn treats out of donut holes.

Aren't they cute?

They were really easy to make and the kids loved helping.

Here's what you need:

* Donut holes

* chocolate frosting (or peanut butter)

* chopped nuts (or sprinkles)

* pretzel sticks

Here's what you do (it really doesn't even need explaining!)

1. Dip your donut hole in the frosting, 
then in the nuts or sprinkles...

2. Add a piece of a pretzel stick as a stem...

3. Put them on a cute plate and enjoy!

*NOTE* ~ We used the boxed glazed donut holes, which, although delicious, had the tendency to crumble a bit when we were dipping them.  When I do it again, I may use some "sturdier" donuts.


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  2. What a cute idea! My kids would love to eat these "acorns".

  3. love this idea! totally stealing it! :) thanks for sharing!
    happy fall!

  4. What an adorable idea! Pinning straight away!

  5. TOTALLY pin worthy! Sakes alive! Darling acornssssss!

    Visiting from Happy Hour Project's Linky Party,
    Smiles from NW Illinois,

  6. Oh my goodness, what a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing and making my kids think I'm such a cool! I'll be sure to give you the credit (again)!

  7. SO SO cute!!! I just pinned this and plan on making them with my 3 yr old :) Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. CUTE idea! They would be perfect for a school's Fall/Harvest party.

  9. what a great idea. They look so cute and delicious!


  10. These are SO cute! Thank you for sharing them!

  11. What a fun idea!! I'm sure my kids would love these too. If you get a chance, I would love for you to share this at my link party, The Creative Spark, on Tuesday night. Pinning this! Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Jenn :)

  12. Can't wait to try these!!! TYFS!

  13. Cute idea! I love it! What a fun idea for kids!


  14. Those are awesome! We may have to try them too!

  15. This is GREAT! I am SO going to add this to one of my classroom "crafts" for October. We'll be talking about acorns and this would be a great edible craft for them to do...genius!

  16. Cute! What a fun little food craft.... and so easy :)

  17. Hi I am visiting from Lines Across my Face. These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  18. This is something that my daughter would love to make we will have to make some. Thank you so much.

  19. These are brilliant. So cute, love acorns, I made some jewelry out of some last week.
    I would love to have you share these at
    linky will be up until tonight.

  20. these are so super cute and easy for little hands to help with thanks for sharing come see me at

  21. So very cute! So much fun for kids. I would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party!

  22. What an adorable little snack! My boys LOVE DD Munchkins so we will have to make these. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to feature these on my blog Friday. Hope you'll stop by!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  23. Yum! yum! Thank you so much for linking this up to It's Playtime. Can't wait to try it!

  24. Love it!!! This is so cute and fun!

    Christy from

  25. I love this fun idea. Thanks for sharing, I'm pinning it right now. We are going to a fall brunch this weekend, I think I know the treat I'm taking!

    Brie from

  26. Your fab donut hole acorns are being featured on this week's Sunday Showcase! YAY! Linky goes live tomorrow - be sure to collect your snazzy featured button & thanks so much for linking up with us! :)

    Can't wait to see what you'll share this week!

  27. These are too fun! Especially if I can get my little one involved and then we can devour them after lol.

  28. I came to your blog through This is sooo cute! I bet they would be yummy with Nutella too!!

  29. I'm writing this on my calendar for next year's Fall bake sale at our church. Love this!

  30. I made these yesterday with my kids using DD cinnamon munchkins. They worked out great. Perfect texture and color. Thanks for the idea.

  31. My 22month old daughter and I made these for my moms b-day. since my daughter cant have nuts we used gold sprinkles. soo cute everyone loved them and they were gone within the first 10mins! thanks for sharing

  32. This is such a cute idea - can't wait to try it! I've included it in a post on my blog about my favourite things from the week, which you can see here if you would like to:

    Vixie xx

  33. I'm wondering what an example of a sturdier donut might be for this ?

  34. Thank you for this great idea! Instead of the peanuts due to allergies in some children I used the silver sprinkles for my son's VPK class this week. They are going on their field trip tomorrow to the park to collect acorns and I thought this would be a great snack for him to bring on his day. Well we did bring them in yesterday and the class and 2 teachers absolutely loved them!!! My 4 yr old son came home after school and told me that his friends thanked him 4 times!!! What a hit!!! Thank you again.

    1. Yay. I 'm so glad they were a hit! (And doesn't it feel great to impress so many people with something that was actually quite easy to make? ) :)

  35. That is precious. Thanks so much for sharing! =)

  36. These look delicious! I'd love a couple with my coffee tomorrow am

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  39. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to feature these on my blog Friday. Hope you'll stop by!
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