September 12, 2011

Maryland Science Center (Baltimore, MD)

When our outdoor plans on Labor Day Monday had to be changed because of yet another rainy forecast, we decided to head to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore to visit the Maryland Science Center.  It had been awhile since we'd last gone, and the kids were eager to check out their favorite exhibits from before and explore some new ones as well.  Because the Science Center is a an ASTC Passport participant, they offer a reciprocal admission program with other Science Center and museum memberships from around the country.  Thanks to this program, the kids' cousins from Delaware were able to join us for free!

My sister and I, along with the five cousins, spent more than 5 hours at the Science Center checking out all the exhibits and watching the demonstrations.  Our kids range in age from 6 to 9 years old and they all loved it.  While younger kids might be a little too small for some of the exhibits, toddlers and preschoolers would love the large Children's Room, the dinosaur exhibits and many of the other exhibits. Older children would be able to understand even more of the science principles that are at work in the displays and demonstrations.

Checking out some of the many exhibits

Learning about tornadoes
Discovering about pullies.

Optical illusions can make you silly!

Uncovering a dinosaur fossil

Lying on a bed of nails (the kids LOVED this!)

Another hit ~ sounds of the human body
They could have stayed at the water play area for HOURS!

Doing some experiments of their own in the Wet Lab

Learning new facts at various demonstrations

Learning about static electricity

An experiment about air pressure
Finding out about color perception

The Baltimore Inner Harbor area 
also has lots of shops and restaurants, 
the National Aquarium, the Orioles and Ravens' Stadiums, 
Fort McHenry and lots more, 
making it a fun weekend destination for families.


  1. I really need to take Little Crafter there sometime soon. We have a free pass for him from the summer reading looks really fun.

  2. A friend told me about the science center, but we haven't been yet. We have been to the aquarium twice though!

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