September 12, 2011

We're back!

My crew on the first day of school!

What a hectic end to our summer and start of the school year!  We typically spend the last week or so of summer getting in a bunch of last-minute outings and little trips before school starts and this year was no different.  

However, when Hurricane Irene hit our area the last weekend of August, our plans for the start of school got a little sidetracked.  We lost power late Saturday night and it didn't come back until the following Friday evening!  Then, we waited two more days for our phones and internet to be restored.  The widespread power outages caused the start of the school year to be delayed two days, so the kids spent two extra days home with no electricity, then went to school for three days while we still had no power at home.  I've started working at their school as a kindergarten assistant, so I've also been adjusting to a new schedule after years of being home full-time with the kids ( the adjustment became much easier after the electricity came back and I had a working coffee pot  and hairdryer!)

My oldest is a big third grader!
My little dude is now a second grader!

And my "baby" is now off to school as a new kindergartner!

So... I apologize for the lack of posting these past few weeks!  Over the next few days, I'll be sharing some of our recent outings and trips for any readers who are local or planning a trip to the mid-Atlantic states.  Then, I'll be back to posting and share some school ideas and fall crafts and activities!


  1. Laura~ We had widespread power outages too. We were out for almost eight days, so I feel your pain! So glad power is back for you!

  2. Cute kids! I'm glad everything is back on track in your neck of the woods.

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