December 4, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Party

I am seeing so many amazing ideas 
I would love to collect them here in one place!
 So, I'm going to share our own Elf's antics, 
share the great ideas I find on Pinterest,
and I'm asking you to share your own ideas 
in this Elf on Shelf link party!

Our own elf here at Come Together Kids

Elf Ideas I've found on Pinterest

Now share your elf ideas in our Link Party
(Don't have a blog?  Just share your ideas in the comments below
or post on our Facebook page)

A few guidelines for this link party:
1.  Please link to your specific blog post relating to the ELF on the SHELF ~ it can be the classic elf, a stuffed one, or your own version, as long as he or she spreads Christmas magic this time of year.

(You can link up as many posts as you'd like, as long as they relate to the theme!)  

2.  Stop by a few other links while you're here.  I'm not going to say it has to be the one right before you or after you, but take a couple minutes to be inspired by the creativity of others.  (and take few more seconds to leave a comment, it can really make a blogger's day!)
3.  Finally, the more people who link up to this party, the better it will be.  Please help me spread the word by linking back either with a text link or by grabbing a button. (coming soon)


  1. GREAT idea for a linky! This is sure to be popular! We don't do Elf on the Shelf. My little boy is four and this is our first year hearing about it. I didn't know how long we could really use it after this year, and I already do quite a bit of other things, so I rather sadly decided not to buy it. I love it though, and love looking at all the ideas for it. It can really help you get ideas for other ways to spread the magic! I have a tradition that would fit into this category though. But I'll have to link it up after Christmas :) I'll be sharing for you!

  2. This makes me wish we did it, but if we do it next year, it will need to be a girl elf.

  3. I love this idea! I'll be following along with the posts. We have an elf but he's not quite that adventurous, maybe he'll become bolder by next year!

  4. I'm starting to see so many creative link parties! Cute idea! I have to admit- I just took our elf out of the ceiling fan last month and I have yet to put him back out yet. I am not good at Elf on the Shelf. :)

  5. Wonderful idea! I am so excited to see the other links ... and continue to post our elf's adventures throughout the month!

  6. this is a great limky! we dont have an elf but i love reading about them!

  7. These are too funny! I love all this hooplah....people are having so much fun!

  8. Love all these Elf on the Shelf ideas, super cute.

    I hope you will stop by my blog next week I am hosting a Holiday Treats week with linky all week long.

  9. I was just thinking this morning I needed to put together a link party for the Elf :) So glad I found yours through

    Check out our little Elf at
    He is too much fun!!!

    Stephanie @ All Artful

  10. The ones of you worried about how long you could do this. My students are in 3rd grade & introduced me to it this year. We are having a blast. Yeah since I have teenagers at home.

  11. Love all of your ideas! If you have time, stop on over and share this linky and your elf activities in my linkup, too! I will be pinning all the elf post on Pinterest.

    THanks, Crystal

  12. This is my first year doing Elf on the Shelf activities and my little ones are loving it. I love the linky, I am getting so many more ideas.
    Classroom Fun

  13. if the elf plays tricks how do you keep the kids from touching him and him losing his magic and how does he get back to his spot

    1. It can be a little tricky. My kids know not to touch him, but I do have to make sure he's in a position where they're not forced to touch him. So, if he's on the table, I try to make sure he's propped up against something that they won't have to move to eat. If he's in the bathroom, I won't put him right next to the faucet, but rather on the shelf or something. Hope this helps.

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