March 9, 2011

Our New Look!

I hope you like our new look.  I've been wanting to brighten things up a bit and find a design that better reflected the idea of coming together with your kids, but I didn't quite know exactly what I wanted.  I was browsing on Etsy and came across a seller with adorable graphic designs.  I saw this layout with a mama bird and her babies in a nest and I thought it was perfect.  So often, I feel like a mama bird taking care of my kids, especially when we're walking somewhere and they're all following along behind me ~ very Make Way for Ducklings!    (Of course, the cute little birds in the nest aren't jostling each other and bickering like my "little birdies" so often do, but I still thought it was a representation of what we're all about.  ;)  )

Anway, the seller, Alicia, was wonderful and helped me customize it with three little birds, not just the two in her original design.  I'd highly recommend Dreamlike Magic Designs if you ever need graphics for your blog or Etsy shop. 

Speaking of Etsy, I recently opened up a shop, also called ComeTogetherKids, there myself and hope to be filling it with lots of fun items soon.  I love sharing ideas here and hope you're able to try many of them yourselves. I realize, though,  that everyone might not have the time or materials to do all the projects on their own.  I hope to make it easier for you and have some craft kits with all the necessary supplies and also have ready made items for some of the ideas I share here on Come Together Kids.  So, if you ever see something you like here on the blog and wish there was an easier way for you to make it or have it yourself, please just let me know! 


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