March 25, 2011

Two-Pocket Tooth Fairy Pillow

Confession time.  We used to have a cute little holder to put lost teeth in for the Tooth Fairy, but somehow lost it in the clutter and confusion of our busy house.  The last few lost teeth got stuck in a ziploc bag and put under their pillows.  The kids didn't really seem to mind (as long as they still got their dollar!), but it bothered me that I never got around to finding a cute replacement.  Last week, my son told me his front tooth was getting loose and he's been wiggling it like crazy to speed up the process.  This afternoon, I got to work and made a special Tooth Fairy pillow just for him.

Because he's a big, cool seven-year old, I didn't want something too childish or cutesy.  I also wanted something that could hang on the doorknob, so the Tooth Fairy could visit without having her cover blown! ;)  He's a big sports fan, so I used a football fabric I had in my stash.  I made two pockets ~ a little tooth shaped one to hold the lost tooth and a larger pocket to hold the money.  It didn't take long at all and he loved it!


* two pieces of fabric for the pillow (cut to 9"x7")
* coordinating fabric for the pocket (cut to 6.5"x5")
* small piece of white fleece, or felt 
    ( cut in a tooth shape, about 2.5"x 2.5")
*  11" piece of coordinating ribbon 
* polyfil stuffing


1.  On your coordinating fabric for the money pocket, fold over each side 1/4", iron, then fold over another 1/4" and iron again.  On one of the short ends, top stitch across the folded fabric.  This will be the top, open end of your pocket.

Edges folded and pressed, top edge sewn.

2.  Pin your tooth shape to the front of the money pocket.  Sew around the sides and bottom edges of the tooth, leaving the top open.

Fleece tooth pocket is ready for a real tooth!

3. Pin your money pocket to the right side of one of your pillow pieces.  Sew down the sides and across the bottom, leaving the finished edge open at the top.

Money pocket pinned to the pillow piece.

Stitch around the edges.  I followed the edge of my machine foot.

4.  Pin your ribbon to the top edge of the right side of one of the pillow pieces.

This is just one piece of ribbon, I just didn't get the whole thing in the picture!

5. Pin your two pillow pieces right sides together, making sure that your loop of ribbon is not near the edges.  Sew around the edges, leaving about a 4" opening along the bottom edge to turn your pillow right side out.  Where the ribbons were pinned to the edge, I stitched, reversed, then stitched again to make sure they were securely attached.

6.  Trim your corners, then turn your pillow right side out.  Stuff your pillow, then top stitch along the bottom edge to close up the opening.

Stuff, then stitch the opening closed!

Your new Tooth Fairy pillow is all ready for the next lost tooth!

Any day now!!!  

QUESTION:  Is anyone else as grossed out by loose teeth as I am?  I shudder every time I see a little tooth barely hanging on.

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  1. That turned out great and looks like it took no time at all. I need to start working on one for K too. Both of his front teeth are loose, with one ready to come out any day now.

    Thanks for sharing Laura!

  2. Very cute project! I can't wait until my kiddos start loosing their teeth...I have awhile but I want to make this already!

  3. That's is such a good idea. My oldest is two so I have a little time, but I would love to make that! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. I'm your newest follower, I'd love for you to go check out my blog too!


  5. YES!! ME!! Loose teeth are groaddy! My daughter Just pulled out her first tooth last night and was so happy and I had to totally fake my enthusiasm. I told her all week that pulling it out would be a daddy job !!

  6. My daughter would love this! And I have to say, I LOVE your blog!!! The design is right up my alley...and your siggy is GREAT!

  7. I love it!! I will feature this on Fun For Kids Finds this week.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  8. Very cute! I wasn't a fan of having loose teeth and they make me cringe. My mother however must either be fascinating with teeth or messing with us since she seemed to love yanking ours out. That ripping feeling? worse that nails down chalkboard....

  9. This is very cute. I need to get oldest has 3 loose teeth.

  10. This is so cute Laura! Thanks for sharing this post at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars. This week's party is now posted. I'd love to have you share with us again this week!

  11. OMG! I am also really grossed out by loose teeth! The pillow is so cute!

  12. These simple stories about the Tooth Fairy motivate kids to be brave enough to face a dentist and have their teeth pulled out. Giving them these pouches will make them even happier, since they have something to hold their teeth in if any fall off. Thanks for the little tutorial, Laura!

  13. Pretty unfortunate that you lost the cute tooth pillow and had it replaced with just a ziploc bag. Also, going for the pillow will make it easier to grab the tooth and place the dollar compared to having to be careful on getting the kids alarmed at the tooth fairy's presence.

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