June 6, 2011

Fun PVC Sprinkler

When Kelly from Here Comes the Sun linked up this awesome Kid Wash at our Summer Fun Party, I knew I wanted to make one soon.  When the temperatures here hit 95+ degrees last week during a pre-summer heat wave, I decided I needed to make one immediately.  Let me tell you, it was SUPER EASY (took me just about a half an hour to do) and the kids LOVE it!!  I ended up making mine a sprinkler instead of installing misting jets, but otherwise kept the design the same as Kelly's.


  • 2 10-foot sections of 3/4 inch pvc pipe
  • 2 slip on t-connectors
  • 2 90-degree slip on elbow joints
  • 3 end caps
  • hose connector  ~ I couldn't find a PVC hose connector piece so I got a  PVC connector (slip on / male threaded) and a metal hose connector (female/female threaded)
  • Drill with a 1/16" drill bit
  • PVC cement ( optional ~ mine stayed together fine without gluing, but you might want to have it on hand)
  • PVC pipe cutter ( optional ~ but made cutting the pipe pieces soooo much easier than using a saw)

1.  Cut your PVC pipe.  Take one 10-foot piece and cut it into two 5' lengths.  Take the other 10-foot piece and cut it into one 4' length, and four 18" lengths.  

Not the most flattering picture, but it was 96 degrees out!!!

The ratcheting PVC pipe cutter that made this job easy!

2.  Drill your sprinkler holes into the 4' section of pipe.  My tip for this part:  Temporarily slide the t-connectors onto the ends of the pipe.  This will keep it steady while you drill the holes!  Using the 1/16" drill bit, put holes every couple inches.  I spread them out so some holes were in the center and others more towards the sides. The more holes, the wetter you'll get.

Use the t-connectors to hold your pipe steady to drill.

Me rocking the power tools!!

3.  Assemble your sprinkler.  Remove the t-connectors that you put on to steady your pipe and replace with the elbow joints.  Attach the two 5' pieces to your drilled 4' piece to form a large U.  Then put your t-connectors on the bottoms of the 5' pieces and attach the 18" sections to form the base.  Add the end caps on three of open ends of the 18" sections.  On the fourth open end, put on your hose connector.

Starting assembly.

I didn't get a picture of the last steps of assembly because my 5-year old photographer got sidetracked, but you can hopefully figure it out from the finished product here.

4.  Hook up your hose and get the party started!!  I found that I got really good sprinkler action with just a little water pressure, so I didn't turn the hose on all the way.  Without strong pressure, I found that I didn't need to use the PVC cement and the pipes stayed together just fine without leaking.  I'll update if I find I do need to glue it, but in the meantime, I love that I can easily disassemble our sprinkler.

Cooling off!
It also makes a great "teeth massager" according to my five-year old.

The kids have already played with it TONS in the week since I made it and I know we'll get lots of use out of it this summer.  I love that it was inexpensive (less than $15). I also love that I was totally able to do it myself (Take that Home Depot guys who kept asking what my husband 
needed the parts for!!)


  1. AWESOME! I'm going to share this with my daugher for her boys!

    I like your comment, "Take that Home Depot guys!" LOL

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  3. So fun!!! I was looking at ideas like this last weekend too. I'm sure the kids love it!

  4. This looks fantastic and fun and WAY easier to manage than the kiddie pools we keep buying that have to be dumped and refilled regularly. :)

  5. What a great idea. I'm going have to try this.

  6. Great job...my kiddos would love this! and so funny that the Home Depot guy wanted to know what your husband needed the parts for...hehehe maybe he should read your awesome blog too :)

  7. Wish I had one of these when I was a kid! That looks like fun!

  8. What a great project! Well done! :)

  9. This is awesome! We just made PVC pipe sprinklers this weekend as well! I posted them here:

    Have a great summer!


  10. So fun! We actually have extra PVC pieces lying around, I'll have to show my hubby and see what we can come up with. Thanks for sharing this fun idea!

  11. OMG! Brilliant! Genius! Really need this for my kids and the dog!

  12. Nice! If you don't cut PVC often and want to save the money, the hardware store guys will cut it to length for you as well :)

  13. My kids would LOVE that! Visiting from the Tues. hop & wanted to invite you to link up with our "Fun in the Sun" Hop every Monday throughout the summer:


    Blessings to you,
    Jill @ Sweet Diva

  14. sprinkler fun is something that has been in our family for years so super fun love your pictures as well come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  15. I wanna make this for my kids!!! I love it.

    Would love if you would link up with us at Creative Creation Tuesday. We would love others to see your project too. Can be found here at Nothing But Country.

    Happy Creating! Thanks for sharing your great project.

  16. I really like this project! What a great idea!!!

  17. OK, Now I want to make one! It has been miserably hot here already.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  18. looks like so much fun run through it like a car wash or stand under like a shower awesome job come see me at httP://shopannies.blogspot.com

  19. OH MY GOSH!! You have to be THE COOLEST mom EVER!! I also LOVE the Home Depot comment! I feel the same way when I walk in there. "Can I help you?"....."No, I got it thanks." HA HA :)

    Thanks for linking up at DIY Thrifty Thursday! :)

  20. FUN!! My kids would love this esp since it has been so HOT here!!

  21. Love it! My husband has talked about making something like this....I think it's a must now that we're about to move to Florida! Thanks for the instructions!

  22. Thanks for the idea! I'm gonna give it a shot.

  23. That is awesome! I think this is the best sprinkler I've seen in a long time. It looks so much better than the ones I've seen at the big chain stores. Thanks so much for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday. Have a great weekend! : )

  24. Adding a trip to Home Depot to my To-Do list for tomorrow. My kiddos are gonna FLIP!!

  25. Love this idea, my husband just made the comment he wanted to poke holes in one of our hoses, but I think this would work better! Please stop by www.laughloveandcraft.com and link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party!

  26. Made this for the kiddos this weekend and it was a HUGE hit. I actually got them to cut my PVC at Lowe's so I didn't have to buy that handy dandy tool but other than that I followed your supply list and it was so easy. My hubs was really impressed. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I featured you on my blog today!!


  28. Just blogged about this! Thanks for the awesome idea!


  29. I made it and it cost me $9.57. My kids love it. Thanks!

  30. I just found your blog last week and love it! Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought all the pieces to make this, and made it today. SUPER easy and its been a big hit! And I made it for just under $10. Yessss! Thanks for the instructions. I shared it on my FB page and linked it with your blog! Thanks again!!

  31. Whoa, that is a nice home-made sprinkler! Your kids are having fun at a pretty cheap price! You rock, Laura!

    -> Aaliyah Aldaco

  32. We are already in the 70's and I'm thinking we'll be using this in just a few weeks. THANK YOU!!!

  33. Hi
    great! thanks. Can you shaw me in a picture how you attach the hose to the PVC ?? I have problems tehre thanks

  34. We did this today and loved it! We just need to go back and get a couple of parts from the store. Thank you for the post.

  35. I made one of these today using your plan and it was so easy. It took me no time at all. I'm hoping that it will be warm enough to use it tomorrow. The kids are very excited about it.

  36. Thanks we made this and I linked my blog to you :)

  37. My son totally wants to make this! What an awesome idea! thanks!

  38. you are a genius
    thank u so much for sharing

  39. Great Post, very clear instructions. I love pvc projects. I have a site with lots of them on it, but this is the first time ive seen this one. Great idea! Im going to have to build one before the summer is over. My site needs more kid stuff like this, its mostly pvc gardening and outdoors projects cause those are my hobbies, check it out :)

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  43. Great idea! I'm thinking of using this set up in a wedding in a few weeks to hold some material. Do you think it would be sturdy enough to hold material? Or would it need another bar across the bottom?

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