June 11, 2011

Five Fun Ideas for Strawberries!

Goofy kid!

This week, I did my annual kick-off to Summer tradition of going strawberry picking 
at a local orchard (Baugher's).  
We love filling our baskets at about a 4 to 1 ratio 
(4 berries in the basket, 1 in our mouth! )  and enjoying the fresh picked strawberries when we get back home.  In celebration of our early Summer tradition, here are Five Fun Ideas for Strawberries!

{ here at Come Together Kids }

These strawberries are yummy, fun and sooo easy to make!
They'd be so much fun to serve on the 4th of July!

2.  Strawberry Shortcake
{ Diddles & Dumplings }

Doesn't this shortcake look delicious?
I also like a biscuit base 
and I bet it's awesome with the real whipped cream.

3. Berry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie
{ This Chick Cooks }

At first I was a little hesitant about the idea 
of putting oatmeal in my smoothie,
but I tried Katie's recipe and the taste is really subtle 
(plus you get some extra fiber!)

4.  Strawberry Pancake Topping
{ Natural Nester }

When my youngest was still eating baby food, 
I sometimes used extra jars of baby food fruits 
on our pancakes instead of syrup, 
I bet this recipe for a strawberry topping is excellent.

5. Strawberry Cake Play Dough
{ Heidi's Recipes }

Okay, this isn't made with fresh strawberries and it isn't even edible, 
but it looked like such a fun idea I had to include it.
My chocolate play dough was a hit with my kids,
I bet they'd LOVE this too!

Thanks so much for sharing, everyone!  Please feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar!

Aside from my Patriotic Strawberries, 
the other four awesome strawberry ideas 
came from my Summer Fun party.
Make sure to check it out for all sorts 
of fun recipes and activities 
and link up your own ideas for Summer Fun.  
I'll be featuring links throughout the summer 
in these Five Fun Ideas themed posts.

Come Together Kids


  1. Wow, looks so fun!! I'm jealous that it's not strawberry season here yet!! argg!!! haha!!

  2. Thanks for including the strawberry smoothie on your list. I want to make some of those patriotic looking berries. So cute! Have a nice weekend, Laura!

  3. The strawberry play dough looks (and I bet smells) awesome! Had to check this out because we plan to go berry picking this weekend!

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