June 17, 2011

Welcome Summer banner

Today was the last day of school for my two oldest 
( my youngest finished up on Tuesday).  
To celebrate the start of summer, 
I made a WELCOME SUMMER paper banner 
to hang on our front steps. 

Notice the cute sign but ignore my overgrown bushes.  I'll get to them someday!

When my "big kids" got off the school bus, 
they were so excited to see the sign.

They posed for a quick picture...

... and then had a blast 
running through the paper banner 
and tearing it to bits!

It was such an easy little project for me, 
but got such a great reaction from the kids!

Thanks to Family Fun for the inspiration for this idea.

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  1. Cute! Great idea for the first day of summer too. :-)

  2. Very neat, I hadn't seen a banner done before...I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes a tradition.

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