June 20, 2011

Five Fun Ideas with Science and Nature

One great thing about Summer break 
is the extra time you have for neat activities and experiments 
that you might not be able to squeeze in during the school year.
While the exact scientific principles 
might sometimes get lost in the fun of the moment, 
the love of discovery and learning 
that you foster in your children lasts forever.

Check out these Five Fun Ideas linked up 

{ Preschool Alphabet }

{ Sun Scholars }

{ The Chocolate Muffin Tree}

{ The Chocolate Muffin Tree }

{ Sun Scholars }


  1. Fun! Love Science and Nature projects... check out ours http://eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/simple-science-experiment-cause-and.html

    Thanks for all the great ideas. :-)

  2. Wow these are all really awesome ideas for nature! I love the scavenger hunt and I know my daughter would love making the contact paper and mini terrariums.

  3. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for sharing my mini terrariums and the nature scavenger hunt! Much appreciated!!!

  4. I love the contact paper idea!

    so cute.

    sandy toe

  5. I also have an idea that has A LOT to do with mother nature! A Xilotheque!
    (the tutorial is in italian but I am sure you can get it all from the pictures! :)
    Cecilia (your affectionate follower for a long time) :)

  6. What fun ideas! I love stuff like this!

  7. Science and nature are two things and most of the time we get more refreshment by nature. view publisher site to get more entertain.

  8. Lalbaugh garden image is very beautiful and innocent to images that is displayed in the garden.

  9. I just loved the terrariums idea and also the remaining. All these acts are the best to create good fun in summer holidays to the kids. As per http://essaymama.org/ suggestions these kind of activities makes them to have fun along with active.

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