June 7, 2011

Watermelon Shark

Last week, Rachel at Sun Scholars shared THIS awesome shark she made out of a watermelon.  I was in the midst of  planning a weekend trip to the beach and knew that it would make a super fun snack surprise for the kids.  I waited until we arrived and they went to sleep on Friday night, then got to work.  They woke up on Saturday morning to a really fun surprise and we had a tasty snack to munch on for breakfast and throughout the day.

Yup, that's a carved shark watermelon 
with blueberry eyes, 
swimming in a sea of blue jello jigglers 
and munching on a school of Swedish fish!

The kids LOVED it!

You can check out Sun Scholar's awesome tutorial for the step-by-step.  Just two tips from me... 1.)  Do NOT get a seeded watermelon.  I did because they had a nice oval shark shape, but I'd forgotten how many seeds were in them.  Knowing my kids wouldn't snack on the watermelon if it had seeds, I had to pick them out.  It took FOREVER!.  And 2.)  If you're going to be doing this at the beach or away from home, pack your own paring knife.  All the knives in the condo we rented were huge.  I was petrified that the big knife would slip while I was removing the rind for the teeth and I'd look like I was actually attacked by a shark.  Luckily, I made it through unscathed, but a smaller knife would have been much more effective.

I also used Rachel's cute idea for a Beach Bucket Cake as another surprise treat for after dinner.  I layered pieces of vanilla cupcakes that I'd baked at home, two boxes of vanilla pudding and topped it off with crushed graham crackers that totally looked like sand.  Of course, the new bucket I'd picked up was HUGE so our cake only filled it halfway and I didn't have any cute chocolate shells, but the kids loved it regardless. 

Not the best picture, but you get the idea!

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  1. I am so excited to see your shark! That turned out so cute! I am sure the kids were thrilled to see it. Nice work!

  2. I love your shark!!!! So cool... I have to make one of those this summer :) I found a tutorial while a go on how to make a stroller also using a watermelon, such a great idea for a baby shower.

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  9. They are so funny and lovely. My children are wanting to do it. shark with watermelon interesting idea. bloxorz


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