June 14, 2011

No Kids' Gardens for Us

My plan: Allow each of my kids to have their own little garden space. Have them plant a few vegetables of their choosing and enjoy eating some fresh produce grown in our own backyard.

My cool idea: Use the drawers from an old dresser to make three individual raised bed gardens. I think it would be really cool to bust out the bottom of the drawers, fill it with top soil so each kid would have their own little plot. I even went to the library and checked out the book All New Square Foot Gardening because I heard it had great ideas for growing a variety of veggies in a small space.

My reality: I have a brown thumb. I filled two window boxes with gorgeous pink flowers at the beginning of May. They looked lovely on my back deck ~ until I forgot about them. I pass by them multiple times a day and sit next to them every evening when we eat dinner outside. Even still, it didn't dawn on me that I should water them when we had several days of near 100 degree weather and no measurable rain. Next thing you know, I had this...

My daughter asked why my pretty flowers were "tan" now!

I decided it would be cruel and unusual punishment to subject cucumbers and tomatoes to the same neglect, especially since our raised bed planters would be in the far corner of the backyard. There's always the chance my kids would have better luck, but based on the way they forget to flush the toilet or put their shoes away, I figured it wasn't likely.

So, if you have a greener thumb than I do and happen to have a set of old dresser drawers laying around, I think my idea could have been a really cool one. Let me know if you try it out and it works!

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  1. Yep - that's the same reason I don't garden either. I'm lucky my kids and dog are alive!

  2. I also have a brown thumb, but I have always wanted a garden so I want to keep at it till it works!

  3. So funny! A similar thing happened to me. I had big plans to teach the kids about planting and growing by having a little vegetable garden... then I got totally overwhelmed, and we planted flowers instead. Check out my post. :-)


  4. I feel your pain, I have a brown thumb as well. But I lucked out, my husband can grow things like nobody's business. He ate an orange from the store and it had a seed, so he planted it and it's growing. I have an orange tree. I just did a whole post on how it's really not my garden, it's my husbands. :) Thankfully, he's teaching our boys.

  5. Don't blame your thumb. In the hottest months, it's almost impossible to container garden because the roots burn unless you water like 3 times a day. Try again in the Fall or spring when it's not so hot. A super easy and fun container project is potatoes.

    Marti in San Diego

  6. I love the dresser idea! Cute, we have lots of garden space, but it would still be cute in the garden. I'll have to see if I can find one that will work. Thanks for the idea :)

  7. Oh my gosh! This made me laugh...thanks for the giggles ;) I love that you are not going to give up!

  8. Made me laugh too. LOL. I use to have the same problem, killing everything plant related except the weeds in my yard, but after years of practice, I've kept a plant alive for months! May I suggest putting your plant under something like the air conditioner drip to water it for you? That's saved my bell pepper plants so far (though I am waiting to see if they grow veggies! LOL). Good luck and keep trying, it gets easier!

  9. I can totally relate:) I planted some beautiful yellow flowers on my front porch a few weeks ago, and they are a lovely shade of brown now! I would try to water them, but I'm not sure it will do any good!

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