November 18, 2011

Five Fun Ideas for Turkey and Pilgrim Activities

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, 
I thought I'd share some fun ideas 
to make your "Turkey Day" extra special this year.  Check out these awesome Turkey and Pilgrim posts that were linked up to our Fall Fun Party.

1.  Eat or Be Eaten Turkey Toss
{ Dinosaurs and Octopuses }

You have to check out this adorable Turkey Toss game Joyce created!
I may not be able to make a turkey beanbag 
nearly as cute as this little fellow, 
but I definitely plan on letting the kids play a version 
of this game after dinner next Thursday.

( Kids always seem to still have energy even after a big meal, so they can have a fun beanbag toss while the grownups take a nap on the couch!)

2. Spin Art Turkeys
{ Dilly-Dali Art }

Wouldn't these turkeys be adorable place cards or centerpieces 
on your Thanksgiving table?
All you need are toilet paper tubes and paper plates!
 (And if you haven't tried doing spin art in an old salad spinner,
you have to let your kids give it a try.
They'll have a blast and you'll get some really fun designs.)

3. Bottle Cap Turkeys
{ Dilly-Dali Art }

Aleacia has another fun Turkey craft here.
My kids LOVE working with feathers, 
pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
If they just add some bottle caps, 
they can make these fun gobblers.

4. Chocolate Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats
 { Phaedra's Adventures }

I love serving fun little treats that look cute, 
but are simple to make.
Just dip marshmallows in chocolate, put it on a cookie 
and add a frosting buckle
to make some fantastic little Pilgrim's hats.
(In her post, Phaedra also shows how to make 
some turkey cupcakes and cookies that are a 
little more labor intensive, but super adorable!) 

5. Pilgrim Finger Puppets
 { Let Kids Create }

Save a few more toilet paper tubes 
and you can make these cute little Pilgrims
to go along with your Spin Art Turkeys.
The adults can sit back and relax while the kids 
put on a puppet show after dinner.
(Can you tell I like to relax after eating my turkey and pumpkin pie? ;)  ) 

Finally, here's one last bonus idea 
that I think is fantastic.

Thanksgiving Turkey Printable
{ Under the Big Moon }

Use this cute printable turkey and poem to spread 
Thanksgiving greetings throughout the neighborhood!

Thanks, ladies, for sharing your awesome ideas!
Our children give us a lot to be thankful for
and these cute activities and treats give us a fun way to 
come together this Thanksgiving!

Feel free to grab a featured button if you'd like

Come Together Kids

And don't forget to swing by our Fall Fun party! 
There are ton of other great ideas and it's ongoing, 
so more ideas are linked up all the time! 

Come Together Kids


  1. Thanks for featuring our Neighborhood Turkey! We appreciate it!



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  3. Thanks so much for featuring Dilly-Dali Art! Twice!! Yay! Thank you, thank you! :)

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