November 19, 2011

Three Huge Milestones

This month I hit three big milestones
here on the blog.

Milestone One ~ I just passed 1,500 followers through Google Friend Connect!  It thrills me that so many people have liked my ideas enough to follow the blog.  (I'm also thrilled that I can share those ideas with such a large audience without having to overcome any fears of public speaking and all while I sit here in my pajamas late at night ~ blogging is such a cool invention!)

Milestone Two ~ Come Together Kids just passed ONE MILLION pageviews according to my Blogger stats!!   This milestone just totally blows my mind.  I started the blog in August of 2010, shared 15 posts, then put it on the back burner until January 2011.   That means that the majority of those pageviews have been in less than a year.  Crazy, isn't it?   (My Google Analytics stats are somewhat lower, but I didn't get that set up until May 2011)

Milestone Three ~ Okay, this one I didn't quite hit yet (but I'm really close and it sounds better to have three milestones instead of just two!).  I am *almost* to 2,000 "likes" on the Come Together Kids Facebook Page.  As of this posting, I'm at 1966. ( and if you aren't a Facebook fan yet, come "like" me now so I can hit this last milestone! ;)  )

One of those likes is me, so I'm not counting that one!

So what does this mean?  Well, nothing really.  There's no big balloon drop or confetti cannons.  I don't have any fancy giveaways or special prizes.  Instead, I would just really love your input.  I like to think that I must be doing a pretty good job with the posts I'm sharing, or those numbers wouldn't have been steadily climbing over the past several months.   However, I have a little poem that I learned when I was younger that I sometimes share with my kids...

Good, better, best,
never let it rest,
until your good is better,
and until your better's best!

I don't want to rest here just being good.  I want to continue to improve Come Together Kids so it can become better and better, then work some more until it's the best I can make it.  

So please, if you have any suggestions of things I can do to make this blog better, could you take a minute and let me know. (either in a comment or email me at ComeTogetherKids(dot)hotmail(dot)com. ) 

Perhaps there's something I can do to make the blog easier to navigate or a feature that might be missing? 

Maybe you'd like to see more of a certain kind of post or less of another? 

There are so many things about blogging that I'm slowly learning as I go along and there are still so many things that I'm just clueless about.  So if something here has been kind of bugging you, let me know.  ( Just try to give any criticisms or suggestions in a fairly constructive way, please! ) 

Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn.  Now I'm ready hear your suggestions and advice on how I can make Come Together Kids even better.


  1. Congratulations! This is one of my very favorite blogs because it is so real. Some of the blogs that I follow have completely staged, almost professional, photographs of projects with materials and supplies that I can't find in stores in my neighborhood and lots of corporate sponsors with giveaways trying to promote this or that! It gets old. I sometimes feel very manipulated. My suggestion would to keep your blog EXACTLY the way it is with REAL projects EVERYONE can do with materials that are readily available!!!!

    1. In your blog I was happy to see your article, better than last time, and have made great progress, I am very pleased. I am looking forward to your article will become better and better.
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  2. Congrats on all your blogging success! I was going to wait until Christmas to tell you, but happened to see your post via Facebook. I keep seeing your projects linked all over the place. :)

  3. congrats! This is a fabulous blog and you are doing all the right things. I say keep up the great work, friend! You are always a source of fabulous ideas and inspiration.


  4. Wow! That is fantastic! I'm a new follower and I found you through some posts on pinterest.
    The only "complaint" I have is the ads on the left sidebar are a little distracting and the size differences in them sometimes makes me think that they're part of your posts. Maybe a full page blog would be better if there are going to be lots of sponsors/ads. I'm just trying to give back a little feedback. My blog is totally simple and not even close to being on your level so I may or may not know what I'm talking about ;)
    Happy blogging. You are terrific!


  5. congratulations!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  6. Hooray, Laura!!! That's fantastic! And your numbers have jumped even higher in the 2 hours since you've posted this! I just started blogging in Jan. 2011 too, so I feel like we're little bloggy sisters following each other along! I'm always so impressed with how much content you have to write about.

    And I LOVE that your projects are really all about your kids. Sometimes I see projects that say it's for the kid to make for a teacher or grandparent, and you know that it was completely made by the blogger herself and that no child hands' ever touched it. Yours are real, even if that means it's not as "perfect" as if you would have done it yourself. Which, of course, is what makes it all the more perfect in the end.

    Everything you post on here just seems do-able. It's not overwhelming and you don't need any fancy tools or machines.

    In terms of the blog itself... I adore blogs that have a crisp white background and look unified. I often won't read a blog with a colored background because it's too much of a strain on my eyes. I love how all your sidebars are the same color and font (Please teach me how to do this!!!). And, of course, just logging in and seeing your smiling face makes the whole experience better!

    Keep up the fantastic work!! You deserve huge congrats!

  7. I just liked you on Facebook. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  8. Love your blog! Don't change a thing. :-)

  9. Congraulations. Your blog helps me find new things to do and I like being able to share your blog because it is about the kids.

  10. Congratulations! I think you should have a giveaway to celebrate!

  11. Congrats Laura! That is awesome. I love that you themed link collections every month :) DO you have a categories or label section? I frequently use those especially when I am on a blog that I am visiting for the first time and want to get a feel for what their blog is about.

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