April 25, 2011

Easy Easter Table Runner

Last week, I posted about the great fun we had making Glue Batik Easter Art.  The kids' designs turned out so pretty and I knew I wanted to make something out of them.  Well, the night before Easter, I was able to make a really cute table runner. (see my confession HERE)

Now, I know that a better seamstress could have made a really incredible table runner from scratch, but this project is the perfect solution for someone like me who can sew just well enough to put things together (or even someone who doesn't sew at all).  It looked really pretty on our Easter table and because it has the kids' artwork on it, I know I'll treasure it for years.

Look at the pretty table runner (not the scratches on my table or the wrinkles in the fabric!)

Now, wait till you see how simple it was!

  • fabric artwork pieces
  • Heat-n-Bond iron on adhesive ( Lite hold if you're going to topstitch, Ultra hold if you're going no-sew)
  • premade table runner that coordinates with your artwork pieces ( I scored mine for $6.99 on clearance!)
  • iron and/or sewing machine

1.  On your fabric artwork pieces, fold over 1/4" to the wrong side on each edge and iron.

Look how lazy resourceful I am, using a folded towel instead of going downstairs to my ironing board!

2.  Cut a piece of Heat-n-Bond that is just slightly smaller than your finished artwork piece.  Iron to the wrong side of your artwork.

I got it as close to the edges as I could to help catch the raw edge.

3.  Decide on the placement of your pieces, then peel off the paper backing and iron into place.

Somehow, my squares are slightly different sizes!  Oh well!

4.  If you're going no-sew and used the Ultra Hold Heat-n-Bond, you're all finished (how easy was that?!)

5.  If you have a sewing machine and want a little bit more finished look, simply topstitch around each square close to the edge.

That's it!  Your new table runner is finished!  

Once again, admire the idea, but ignore the wrinkles!

How easy would it be to do something similar for each holiday or just for everyday?  You could use the Glue Batik technique, or any other fabric decorating technique, and feature your kids' creations at the dinner table.

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  1. Beautiful... and simple too. Can't get much better than that!

  2. cute! I love the background fabric!!! :)

  3. what an adorable project - it turned out great!! You're a better seamstress than I - I gave my sewing machine away ;)

  4. Hi, Laura! Can you please join us again at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)


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