April 28, 2011

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Just a quick post to share the fun technique we used to decorate Easter eggs last week ~ using crayons to color on still hot, just boiled eggs (thanks to Family Fun for the great idea!).

Pretty neat, huh?  The crayon wax melts right onto the egg.

They were really simple to make and the kids really enjoyed it.


1.  Hard boil your eggs.  While my eggs were boiling, I turned my empty egg carton upside down and cut off part of it to make a holder for the hot eggs.

2.  When the eggs have finished cooking, take one out of the hot water and set it on your handy holder.  Use your crayons to draw your design or pattern.  NOTE:  The eggs are definitely hot to the touch, but my kids were able to hold the egg steady with their fingertips while coloring, then letting go for a few seconds when it got too hot.

Pretty polka dots
Working on a rainbow.
3.  Allow the eggs to cool.  The crayon wax will smear a bit when it's still warm, but once cool, stays on fine.


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